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The full moon coming up on the 12th of this month is the last one we’re going to be having this year and energetically quite the big deal. That being said while we have assumed the energy of 12 would merely be doubled, it seems it might actually be quadrupled.

The power of 12 will be amplified on an extreme level as this 12/12 full moon will peak at 12:12 AM. While many claims this is just a coincidence I believe it is a collective synchronistic event. Sure, when we think of synchronicity we assume it has to be repeating numbers or number sequences present within just our own lives but more than one person can be noticing the same numbers throughout their days. Just because the event is something more than one person is able to see/experience does not cancel out the synchronistic meanings behind it.

While we hear a lot about the fact that this full moon is a full cold moon, we don’t often hear much about the angel numbers that make up this date and time. Now, before we dive into things I want to go over synchronicity for those who might be a bit confused. Synchronicities are basically meaningful coincidences. They are experiences we face that seem to defy odds or happen at the most perfect timing possible. For instance, you might see repeating numbers as we are all experiencing with this full moon or you might come across an old friend after having thought of them just moments before. The world of synchronistic events is a broad one.

Now, since we are all collectively experiencing this one it is important to work to understand what it means. In working to figure that out looking into the meaning of 12 and then from there double and quadruple 12 can help. The number 12 in itself is a sign that good things are on the way and is a number that shows we are putting our trust in the right places. 

Double 12, however, holds a bit of a different meaning. When 12 is doubled and becomes 1212 it is a sign that we need to be careful about our thoughts because they are very powerful. It is a reminder that the things we think can be manifested into reality before us. Rather than veering off we must remain focused.

That is quite interesting considering 12/12 when being enhanced by 12:12 we are experiencing both of these energies on an extreme level. So right now, as this full moon approaches, and we all begin to see these numbers as they are we are being pushed to remain strong and work to manifest our dreams. This synchronistic event is a reminder for us all that moving into 2020 we are going to be in a place of freedom and comfort.

This being the last full moon of 2019 and so energetically powerful it is throwing us forth and preparing us for all that is to come. We are being offered the chance to make our dreams come true and taking on 2020 with the best start possible. If we remain focused on positivity we will reap positivity. The best things possible are on their way to us and all we have to do is believe in ourselves and the universe.

Of course, this number is at the very end of the spectrum regarding numbers and their energetic meanings but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a number that can work wonders in our lives. The more we work to embrace the energies headed our way the more we will be able to find harmony and peace moving forward. For more information on this full moon please feel free to check out the video below.