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On December 26th of this year (2019) we’re going to be having an annular solar eclipse. While you might not be able to see it depending on where you are in the world, you’re still going to gain some interesting energies from its presence.

This annular solar eclipse will be visible from places like Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Europe, parts of Asia, Australia and so forth depending on how the weather in those locations plays out. During the annular solar eclipse, the Moon covers the Sun’s center thus leaving just the outer edge of things present. We often refer to this as a ring of fire because to those who are able to view it, it appears as such.

This annular solar eclipse as noted above will be happening on the day after Christmas leaving our holiday spirit really being engulfed in some very intense energies. While for some this could put a damper on things for most it will be quite the treat. These events are quite hard to cope with in some ways and leave those who are very susceptible to different energies dragging their feet so to speak.

During this solar eclipse, we should be expecting some very bold emotions to stem forth and really make themselves known. Everything that happens while this kind of thing is holding power over us is heavier and ‘bigger’ regarding its actual presence. We will be much less willing to miss out on different chances and opportunities as well as considering options we otherwise might not. You could end up focusing on the people around you or perhaps even diving into the past.

In regards to these energies Astrology Zone’s website wrote as follows on the topic:

Solar eclipses tend to create new beginnings and bright new opportunities.

Usually, they are exciting, are often very positive, and bring news out of the blue. We always need to see the kind of conversations a moon or the Sun’s having with the other planets to judge if the eclipse is completely friendly or not. Your own natal chart will matter too – I cannot see your natal chart from where I sit, so after you pass the eclipse, write a note on your calendar about what happened.

Because these kinds of situations can bring forth events you otherwise would never imagine, things can sometimes end up catching you off guard. You could find that a new path is your best option as you push through the things before you and you could even end up discovering parts of yourself you never knew before. There are no limits when this kind of ordeal occurs.

While this final solar eclipse of 2019 will be really mixing things up for us and perhaps forcing the holiday to come to an end a bit sooner than expected, it will be quite the treat for those who can view it. Considering it will be visible from a 100-mile path it is going to be spectacular! Where I am, I won’t be able to catch things but I will be watching a replay online without a doubt. 

If you’re feeling a bit out of place right now perhaps some of these energies are to blame. The celestial world has been quite the powerhouse this year but is setting the mood for 2020 to be quite fantastic. Are you ready for all that is to come?