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As we continue to move through December we’re going to be coming face to face with lots of different celestial events. I know, it might sound a bit out there but this month is one full of energies that will be forcing us to grow in ways we might not have thought we could. 

Now, to begin things we will be seeing Venus Trine Neptune on the 5th of this month. This is something that brings great compassion forth from within most of us. It forces us to show our tender side and well, can really bring out the best in some of us. This transit in itself is one that I think will really set a good mood for this month as the days continue to pass.

From there we will be facing several other smaller celestial events but one well worth noting is the Sun Trine Mars that is coming up on December 11th. This event in itself is one that I think will further enhance the energies before us and feed into the solar eclipse that will be happening on the 14th. While we won’t be able to see that solar eclipse here in the US, it will bring energies forth all over the world. 

Now, Sun Trine Mars energies should go as follows according to Astrology King:

Transiting Sun trine Mars gives a boost to self-confidence and enthusiasm making this an ideal time to start new projects. You should be feeling strong and courageous and can use your initiative to get the ball rolling and tackle difficult tasks. This is a good time to impress someone, especially a superior at work or someone special in your private life.

Increased sex drive is matched by increased charisma and magnetic charm. The sexy confidence you ooze is especially attractive so you should have little trouble having your most passionate desires fulfilled.

You are able to understand what is motivating you at this time due to a conscious awareness of your primal desires. You will feel a strong urge to take action under this transit and should go with your instincts. This is a winning transit.

Once the 14th rolls around as noted above the solar eclipse will be here. This will be something that brings forth a lot of thinking. We will all be focusing more on our insides and really working through the issues within. While this might not be ideal for everyone, it will help us grow in ways we need to grow. 

As the month continues those energies will be present with each of us until the full moon on the 29th. This full moon we do not know much about right now, but we do know it will bring out some of our more emotional sides. You may end up feeling like you have to finally address things you’ve been ignoring and well, doing that will get you quite far. 

This month might sound crazy and all over the place but it is one that will allow us to see ourselves in new lights. I for one am quite excited for all that is to come. Don’t hold back now, be adventurous.