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As you may know on the 14 there will be a solar eclipse and a new moon. This new moon will be in Sagittarius and have us all over the place.

This duo together brings forth a lot of change but we as people need to know how to welcome the changes to come. I know, this might sound crazy but it is important to be aware of. Whether you’re of the witchy world or not, trying out a ritual to make the most of the things before you could be in your best interest.

The ritual below is simple and will help you get the most out of the things before you. When change is in the air, this ritual will work wonders. Perhaps you should give it a try.

Things Needed:

Two Candles

Smudging Tools (Of Your Choosing)


Small Bowl

Pen And Paper

Lighter or Matches

Comfortable Place Outside.

Small Shovel


Go outside and find a comfortable place where you can dig a small hole. Cleanse the are as well as your body. Now that you’ve done that take the time to meditate for a moment.

Clear your mind and prepare for all that is to come. Light your candles. One for the solar eclipse and one for the new moon. You are the light that binds these two together. Dig your small hole with the intent of bringing new things into your life and take the bowl of water you brought with you. Place your fingers in this bowl and let all the things you want to let go of flow from your fingers into the water.

After that, write out all of the things you want to bring forth in your life and fold the paper up burying it in the hole you dug. This is you planting the seed of the things you wish to have happen. From there water your seed with the water you poured all that you wish to move on from into. This meaning you’re letting go and allowing something positive to come from all the bad you’ve faced.

Drip a bit of candle wax on the top of the area to seal things properly and you should be all done. Close things out by remembering how far you’ve come and sit in the moment with yourself for a bit. I bet you will feel as if a weight has been lifted once all is said and done.