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While a lot of people have their own ideas on what it is that happens when we die, the truth is that no one knows for sure. Because those who have passed are no longer in this world, they can’t exactly explain how things end up playing out once all is said and done. 

Whether you believe that we go to somewhere like Heaven or if we disappear into nothingness, until we lose our lives there is no way to know for sure. That being said, one concept that has really been standing out to me lately is the idea that death in itself is a portal. This concept relates back to our time in the womb and being nourished by our mothers. Basically, the universe itself is our source of life and once we pass we are brought back to it, we port through and end up somewhere else entirely or perhaps are reborn.

Basically, there is some kind of etheric cord holding us here in this plane of existence and when that cord is cut as we pass on (lose our physical bodies) we move on a soul level into another plane of existence or something of the sort. Again, this isn’t certain, but it is quite interesting to dive into. Perhaps our astral bodies are able to move through different realms and until we die we are completely unaware of this. 

This suggests that on some level, death is just a beginning. What do you think happens when you die? Do you think this on some level could be true?

Relaxed Relationships wrote as follows on their website going over this topic:

There are countless accounts of people when asked: “what happens when you die?” Whom describe a visual impression of this portal as radiant light and then returned from what is commonly known as a near-death experience. Many of them also spoke of a sense of blissful serenity and deep peace. The Tibetan Book of the Dead describes “the luminous splendor or the colorless light of emptiness, which says this is “your own true Self.”

This portal opens up only very briefly, and unless you have already encountered the dimensions of the un-manifested in your lifetime, you will likely miss it. Most people carry too much residual resistance, too much fear, too much attachment to sensory experience. Too much identification with the manifested world. So they see the portal, turn away in fear, and then lose consciousness. Most of what happens after that is involuntary and automatic. Eventually, there will be another round of birth and death. Their presence wasn’t strong enough yet for conscious immortality.

All in all, we will know someday when we meet our end. Personally, I am going to make the most of my time here on Earth and if something else comes forth when I pass, so be it. In the end, finding out what comes next is exciting when you really think about it.