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Energy vampires are all around us and for some of us, they run our lives. The more we work to fight them off the happier our lives will be overall and that’s something we all need to know.

Now, for those who do not know energy vampires are those who drain us of our energy. When we spend time with them they leave us feeling exhausted and are overall quite negative in nature. While some people are aware of their energy vampire status not all of them are. 

Energy vampires can be friends, family members, and even lovers. They can be people you see a lot or people you rarely come into contact with. They can be anyone and anywhere. I know, that might be a bit confusing but it is very true.

Below I am going to go over a few tips that might be more than enough to help you deal with the energy vampires in your life. Some of them we need to distance ourselves from and others we need to cut out completely. You need to search within and realize which options are best for you. 

8 Tips For Dealing With Energy Vampires In Your Life:

1. Keep your vibration high. 

Don’t let these people lower your vibration. The higher you keep it the less they will be able to drain you. I know, this is no easy task but you’re more than capable.

2. Limit contact with them big time.

Stop being around them as much. For instance, if you’re dealing with someone who is a coworker don’t have break with them every day. Distance yourself a bit.

3. Keep your positive affirmations on hand.

Spend some time bringing positivity back into your life. When you feel drained say them to yourself. This helps in more ways than most think.

4. Keep protective crystals on you at all time.

Protective crystals can help filter out some of the negativity these people bring forth. While they won’t be able to save you they can aid you big time. I carry black tourmaline on hand every single day.

5. Cut them out of your life if you have to.

If they are overly draining and doing nothing but bringing you down, cut them out of your life. You don’t have to give power to people who don’t aid you in any form. You do not owe them anything.

6. Know when to walk away.

Be aware of when you should walk away. Don’t let people walk all over you. If you’re feeling like they’re saying or doing things to get on your nerves WALK AWAY. You don’t have to remain where you are if you’re being brought down.

7. Don’t allow these energy vampires in your home. 

These people should never have access to your safe space, period. Do not let them this close. If they are household members cleanse your room and keep them out. It will help a lot.

8. Let go of the negativity they push on you after seeing them.

Work through meditation to let go of the negativity they bring when they come each time you see them. This will invite a bit of positivity back into your life and make a big difference. I know, it doesn’t sound like much but it helps.