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Right now we’re facing some extremely stressful times and dealing with that stress properly is important. You don’t want to keep letting it bottle up because in the end doing that will make things worse on you.

While everyone responds to stress differently understanding your body and how stress manifests could make a big difference moving forward. When stress reaches chronic levels, it can and does put your health at risk which you do not want. Not only does it cause a stir within our minds, but it can leave us with physical symptoms as well. The more you let stress build up within the more unhappy you’re going to become, that you cannot deny.

Some of us stress eat while others struggle to maintain any sense of real appetite at all. Not everyone responds the same and most of us are nowhere near doing enough to manage our stress levels properly on your average day. This meaning things are likely much worse as this pandemic plays out more and more. 

According to The Mayo Clinic, some common effects of stress include things like:




Chest Pain

Lack of Motivation/Focus

Feeling Overwhelmed

Over or Under Eating


Change in Sex Drive


Stomach Upset

Sleep Issues

Social Withdrawal

Less Energy

Sadness or Depression

While there are some other symptoms as well, those are the more common ones. When these kinds of things are happening to us, we might not link them up with our stress levels right off the bat but maybe we should. Now that many of us are remaining at home we’re not being as physical as we should which is one of the best means for managing stress. If you’re stressed and stuck at home, doing a basic home workout might be beneficial in more ways than you’d expect. 

You can still spend time with friends and family even if not in person. Video chat is a very powerful tool that should be utilized during times like these. When you feel stressed, don’t ignore things and let them get worse, address them and work through things properly.

You deserve to be comfortable and happy, being stressed you will never achieve that properly. Your mind is not the only thing being attacked by your stress hormones. Your body is going to see the effects as well and some of the symptoms above might end up causing you more distress than you should have to deal with. 

For more information on this and how to properly handle stress please check out the video below. Things are not always what they seem. Don’t let things that you cannot do anything about control how you feel in your life.