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In life we meet so many different kinds of people, some of these people will be quite intelligent mentally and emotionally and others will not. It is up to us to weed through those we meet and figure out who needs to be in our lives and who does not.

If you are emotionally intelligent then you know how frustrating it can be being around those who are not. While cutting them out is the best option, it is not always an option at all. In life, there are some people we just cannot get away from whether they are family, neighbors, or even co-workers.

If you have someone in your life that is without a doubt emotionally unintelligent you can still be around them when you have to be, if you do it properly. Emotionally unintelligent people are always stressed out and agitated. They are quick to jump to conclusions and do not have the capacity to own up to their mistakes or even take responsibility for the things they are feeling.

When it comes to dealing with a negative Nancy or a gloomy Gus you have to remember that just because they act as they do does not mean it has anything to do with you. Set boundaries with these people. DO NOT let them run all over you. If you have to ignore them to be able to deal with them, do it. DO NOT let someone who is emotionally unintelligent walk all over you. If you do it once they will never stop. If they decide to come after you, take them down with you. Always keep proof of their wrongdoings as sad as it is to have to do that. When they try to cast blame on someone other than themselves you can pull out your proof and shut them up right then and there.

The best thing to do if possible is to engage with these people as little as possible. Don’t let them keep hurting you; Your emotional well being is far more important than theirs. These people are far too selfish for their own good and when it comes to dealing with them be as selfish as you see fit. I personally cannot stand talking to people who are like this because they always have to be the center of the conversation. As soon as you are able to get a word in they completely shut down the conversation. It is as if nothing you have to say matters and to be honest, that is exactly how they think.

If you can kick this person out of your life, do so. Don’t let them hang around because you feel bad for them. They only time you should keep them in your life is when you absolutely cannot cut ties for whatever reason and even then you have got to listen to the things I have said above if you want to keep your sanity. Emotionally unintelligent people are some of the most frustrating people you will ever encounter.

These people are not going to change until they want to. You cannot convince them that they are in the wrong so easily. They are not worth the trouble they cause. For more on this please check out the video below.