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There are all kinds of people in this world and some of them are much less positive than they might think they are. If you’re feeling drained after spending time with someone chances are there is a reason for it.

Some people whether they realize it or not drain us of our personal energy. These people do not respect our boundaries, push us to our limits, always need something, and are quite emotional or overly critical. While they are sometimes people we love and care about but that does not mean we should continue letting them feed off of us in this manner. Protecting your own well-being is always something you should be working towards.

For those who do not know these draining people are often referred to as energy vampires while they do not drink blood, they do suck the energy out of our bodies quickly. These people are usually quite negative and always bring your mood down. You could be having a great day but after spending a little time with them you’re feeling as if nothing is going right.

We are all affected by the people we allow within our lives. If we surround ourselves with people who are positive and uplifting we will gain those qualities in return. Making active decisions within your life regarding the company you keep is crucial to maintaining your happiness properly. Sometimes cutting ties with those who refuse to be the change they’re seeking is necessary.

Below I am going to go over some tips for dealing with people who drain us. While not all of these will work for everyone some of them might serve you well. Have you ever experienced this kind of thing? I for one do my best to keep energy vampires far away.

5 Tips For Dealing With People Who Drain Your Energy:

1. Be more aware of them in general.

The easier it becomes for you to spot them the better. Being aware of energy vampires is half of the battle. These people might not be aware of themselves but your knowledge on them, in general, will help you to become more protected and more aware of the things going on around you.

2. Keep your distance if possible.

Limiting contact with these people is important. While you might not be able to completely get them out of your life the less time you spend with them the less they will be able to drain you. Your own energies are going to be able to build back up and remain much more plentiful.

3. Cut contact when necessary.

If these people are bringing you down to a serious extent and cutting ties is possible, do it. Whether they’re friends, family, or even a significant other there is nothing wrong with moving on to better yourself. You matter and your happiness is important.

4. Stop feeling sorry for them.

You are not their babysitter, and they are the ones who have to deal with the consequences to their own decisions in life. You cannot help everyone and you need to remember that. Just because they want you to do all you can for them does not mean you should. Be respectful of yourself and your own needs, period.

5. Spend time recharging when you can.

We all need time to recharge if you’re spending a lot of time with this person you need to be aware of how to build yourself back up. Take time for yourself to get the things you need done and really make sure self-care is a priority. Even if it is just a few moments each day, allow yourself to relax and become rejuvenated.