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Considering the current pandemic we are all stuck at home and as a result, running out of things to do. If you’re bored and getting stir crazy, perhaps this is the challenge for you. 

Right now while you have the chance to take control back and work to de-clutter your house. Clutter can drive a person crazy and now is the perfect chance to fix the clutter in your life. I recently came across a photo on Pinterest that showed how to clear things out and de-clutter over 30 days. This much easier than trying to get everything done in one day and being too tired to finish the next.

As you can see below this challenge begins with emptying out the junk drawer and from there, things get more intense each day. Starting small is a great idea and will help us all get into the routine of trying to get things as they should be. I personally have been putting off some things that are on this calendar and will be doing my best to get them done come the first of April. This challenge might be something we all need to get done. Not only will it make us feel better and leave our homes looking better but it will also keep us entertained.

Day 1: Empty One Junk Drawer

Start small, one junk drawer is a much bigger feat than you might realize. We all know that there is a junk drawer somewhere in our house, are you ready to get yours as it should be?

Day 2: Purge Your Clothes Closet

Chances are you have some clothes you can’t fit into anymore or perhaps just never wear, do you really want to hold onto them? Make room for new clothes, your closet shouldn’t be overflowing with things you never touch. There are plenty of people out there who would love to have what you’re not using.

Day 3: Go Through Movie Collection

If you have a whole collection of movies that you never watch maybe consider organizing them or letting some of them go.

Day 4: Clean Out TV Stand

I know the TV stand is something you never want to deal with but now is the time. Get things cleared out and looking spiffy. You can do it!

Day 5: Go Through Your Mail Pile

If you have a pile of mail sitting somewhere, go through it. Throw out the spam and things you’re not going to even bother to open. They’re only in your way if you keep them around.

Day 6: Clean Off Kitchen Table

As someone who tends to keep a messy kitchen table, I know it can be overwhelming just looking at it but try to clean it off. Put things up and where they go. You’ll feel a lot better once all is said and done.

Day 7: Purge 2 Kitchen Cabinets

Start small, just two kitchen cabinets can make a big difference.

Day 8: Discard Old Books

If you have books stacked in boxes somewhere that you’re never going to read again or at all in the first place, donate them. There are people in this world who love books and would enjoy taking in the stories you’re letting waste away.

Day 9: Clean Out Your Wallet

Throw away old receipts and really work to get things more under control. You’d be surprised how much better a clean wallet will make you feel.

Day 10: Clean Out Your Purse

Your purse can be a nightmare to tackle, I know. That being said, instead of just moving the important things to a new one properly clean out the one you’re using, to begin with. I always find the best things when I do this.

Day 11: Purge Makeup Drawer

Throw out any old and expired makeup or things that you don’t use. There is no sense in holding onto something that you’re not going to put to use.

Day 12: Clean Out Shower

Throw away empty bottles and really get in there and clean the shower. This might be something you do often but you can never be too clean in this area. I like to clean my shower once a week.

Day 13: Purge Bathroom Cabinets

After the shower has been cleaned it’s time to knock out the cabinets in the bathroom. You’d be surprised how many random things end up in here. If you’ve been looking for something you may finally find it.

Day 14: Go Through Old Shoes

If they aren’t your type of shoe or you can’t fit them, don’t keep them. When they’re not being put to use they’re just taking up space. Sometimes the less you have the more you are able to sort through.

Day 15: Purge 2 More Kitchen Cabinets

I know, going back to the kitchen might be a bit of a headache but go ahead and knock out two more cabinets. You can do it!

Day 16: Organize Linen Closet

Fold everything up properly and make sure it fits as it should. This closet is the one that rarely ever gets touched and it shows.

Day 17: Purge Medicine Cabinet

Throw out anything that has expired or is no longer useable. Don’t hold onto random things that you’re never going to touch again in your life. This is also an important place to keep organized.

Day 18: Clean Out Freezer

Throw out things you are unsure of and if something is freezer burnt it’s time to let go. The more you clear out of here the more room you have for more. Don’t get things twisted.

Day 19: Clear Off Kitchen Counter

Yes, counters need to be cleared off as well. This is going to be an easier day and one that you could consider as a bit of a break.

Day 20: Empty Another Junk Drawer

Do your best to find another junk drawer and if you do find one, clean it out. Most people have more than one without even realizing it.

Day 21: Clean Out Fridge

Treat this as a means of organizing and clearing out the old. Clean your fridge up and get things looking as they should.

Day 22: Purge 2 More Kitchen Cabinets

Dive right back into the kitchen cabinets. The more progress you make here the better. You’re almost done, just a few more to go once these are knocked out. You can do it.

Day 23: Get Rid Of Extra Accessories

Again, if you’re never going to wear it, why hold onto it?

Day 24: Clean Out Your Car

Your car might be worse or nowhere near as bad as the house depending on how you keep things but spend some time working on it as well. Just pull the trash can over and have at it.

Day 25: Donate Unused Toys

If you have things lying around that no one uses at all donate them. Those things can be put to good use. This meaning toys or other things of the sort.

Day 26: Organize Toys

Organize the things that are left. Keep things in their places and if you have kids as would be assumed in regard to toys, make sure they know what to do when the time to clean up each day is before them

Day 27: Donate Old Games

Our kids outgrow things constantly and they probably have some games they no longer play with. Donate those as well. Sure, they might be neat to keep around but if they’re not being used, what’s the point?

Day 28: Organize Cleaning Supplies 

Get the cleaning supplies in order. Make sure everything has a place to go and it’s all as it should be.

Day 29: Purge The Rest Of The Kitchen Cabinets

Now is your time to shine. Knock out the rest of the kitchen cabinets and feel like a boss after. This is a rough task but also one you are more than capable of.

Day 30: Clean

Get to cleaning. Go back over everything as needed and make sure your house is in order.

Think you can handle all of that? I am sure you can! Don’t sell yourself short even just getting one of these things done each day says a lot and will help you along your way.