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We are drawn to different things for different reasons and that reigns true in all aspects of life. If your subconscious wants you to become aware of something, it will make it happen.

Below you will find an image consisting of several crystals. Each one of these crystals varies from the rest in its own ways. While you might not be able to explain ‘why’ you will be drawn to a specific crystal more than the rest.

Which crystal speaks to you? Is there one that you feel you’re more connected with than the others? Take a moment to figure out which one is ‘your crystal’ and then from there take the time to look below and see just what that means for you in the month of November. 

While November is going to be a very energetically charged month it’s going to be a unique experience for each of us. Paying attention to the things our higher self wants us to become aware of can really benefit us during this time. Really tune into your truest form.

Crystal 1 (Blue)

You are looking for an escape and if you never take the steps to get out of your current situations you will not be able to achieve that. While you might feel very stuck and locked away in your current day to day life things are going to change as November comes into play. Perhaps you need to work on self-care in every sense of the word.

Crystal 2 (Red)

This month is going to offer you a lot of chances and opportunities to make the most of every moment before you. Your cup will be overflowing with positivity and abundance if you embrace all that is headed your way. That being said, this month will also be a bit confusing for you in the world of love.

Crystal 3 (Pink)

You really need to focus right now and are struggling to do-so. November isn’t going to do you any favors and you’re going to be working hard to get ahead. While you might be feeling a bit tense, keeping yourself grounded is crucial during this time. Remember who you are and where you came from.

Crystal 4 (Green)

This month is going to be a bit hectic for you but not in a bad way. You are going to be opening up to people you otherwise would close yourself off from. Moving forward you should embrace love and all the people within your life.