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Crystal gazing also known as scrying is something that many have done throughout history. Looking into a ball of rock crystal for advice and guidance might seem a bit silly to most but to those who do this often, it is quite beneficial.

This form of divination is much different from others. It requires a crystal in order for readings to be carried out and while the size of the crystal ball isn’t necessarily important, making sure you’re using one you’ve connected with is. Those who practice this means of guidance are able through the clouds of the ball itself to read the things coming forth. For instance, if there are red clouds in the ball it could mean danger and if there are white clouds perhaps good fortune.

In regards to crystal reading and some of the specifics Future Scopes wrote as follows:

Some experts suggest that the ball used should be perfectly spherical that is, without a flat bottom and should be supported in a wooden or metal stand. If made of glass, for instance from lead crystal, the ball should be free from air bubbles but may be colored. If carved from natural crystalline stone – such as quartz, beryl, calcite, obsidian, or amethyst – it may display the natural coloring and structure of the mineral from which it was fashioned. In fact the composition of the crystalline element may have a bearing on the divination too. Some crystals are said to have special powers and are used for their own purpose. Sunstone, for example, is reputed to be an excellent conduit for those seeking knowledge of future matters of a sexual nature, while rose quartz has the reputation for helping those seeking advice on how to mend quarrels especially with those close to them.

Another important aspect of crystallomancy is the ambience. Experts believe that lighting and mood are very important in getting a good reading from crystallomancy. Most crystal gazers prefer a quiet candlelit area, free of distractions, so as to be able to foster visions and more easily allow the onset of a trance state.

Then again, the methods of crystal gazing too may differ; thus some crystallomancers may gaze for hours on end in low lighting while others may be quicker to open their third eyes and actively seek out their quarry. The ultimate purpose seems to be to get into a trance-like state which makes the seer more susceptible to psychic vision. As he/she gazes on the crystal, they may find images or pictures showing up on the surface of the crystal, or in the holograms created by inclusions. The seer then interprets the visions or images as a way of answering pertinent questions, conducting character analyses, predict distant or future events, or more commonly in a professional context, helping a client make choices about current situations and problems. Some crystallomancers also adopt a rule using the position of the image in the ball to find out whether the image relates to the past, present or future. Accordingly, if an image appears at the center the ball it represents the present, if it is at the back, it shows the past and in the front, the future. The very back of the ball is the distant past, the very front the distant future with progressions in-between.

Practitioners and believers of crystallomancy claim that crystal gazing engenders visionary experiences and supernatural insight which enables the seer to look into the past, present, and future. However, critics of the practice claim that the supposed visions are either fiction or arise from the subconscious mind of the crystal gazer. Some experts on the subject have tried to resolve the conflict by claiming that the two positions as not mutually incompatible and it is possible that the psychic insight of the gazer is transposed on the crystal during a trance-like state and which he/she then uses to find answers to pertinent questions.

You shouldn’t go into your crystal gazing with any expectations. You should give yourself plenty of time to drift into a relaxed state and move forth with a clear mind. While everyone carries out their scrying a little differently, the basics are always the same.

Whether you find images within your crystal ball or are merely brought forth with great emotion, things will play out as your soul guide wishes for them too. Allowing yourself to dive into your ball properly a mist will appear and disappear all the same. To learn more about crystal gazing and how it works please feel free to check out the video below.