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The Myers-Briggs personality types are basically groups of different types of personalities. Each of us fits into one of these groups, and they can tell us a lot about who we are.

There are 16 different personality types when it comes to Myers-Briggs and you can click here to figure out which one you are. There will be a list of them marked inside squares from there you can click on each one to read more about it. From there, choose the one that most sounds like you and then come back here to see what makes your Myers-Briggs personality type creepy.


You are creepy because you act almost as if you are an android. You don’t really like to think for yourself and it makes you quite bland. While you love to be around other people you aren’t that good at being around other people.


You always act like you are hiding something even when you aren’t. People are constantly avoiding you because of how odd you are and you don’t even notice. You are one of those people who knows how to clear a room but isn’t aware of it. People are always accusing you of things because of the vibes you give off.


You are a bit too manipulative. Sure, we are all a little manipulative but when it comes to getting your way you will stop at nothing. To be completely honest, you are a bit terrifying.


You are strange because your mind cannot be read. No one ever knows what you are thinking, and it scares them. Even in the worst situations, you are able to remain calm and collected.


You are just so boring that people find it to be strange. Sure, sometimes boring is just fine, but you really need to open up and have some fun. You can’t keep living life the way you are.


You are basically a secret stalker. You know tons of things about people that you shouldn’t know, and you keep them to yourself for the most part. You take getting to the root of things to a completely new level and are full of information.


You care about others to the point where it is a bit weird sometimes. Also, your ability to adapt is quite concerning considering how advanced it is. Nothing gets past you. You are able to change with the times as if nothing of the past mattered in the first place.


You so blunt that most of the time you catch people off guard. You are always saying things you shouldn’t be saying and you tend to share a bit too much. People become uncomfortable around you quite quickly even if you don’t realize it.


You are too good with words. You are intimidating to most people who cross paths with you. While this may not be something you think is strange those who meet you do. You leave them with a feeling in their gut that they cannot shake.


You just don’t get attached to people like most others do. You see most of the people in your life as temporary anyway so offending them is no big deal. You don’t mind toying with others.


You are too smart for your own good. The amount of things you lock away in that mind of yours is a bit alarming to most. You seem to be good at saying the most creepy and yet useful thing at the perfect moment. Your sense of humor is also a bit strange as you like to make fun of the worst situations.


You are always poking at the fire. As someone who gets bored easily you like drama. When it comes to getting people worked up, strangely enough, you are a master.


The strangest thing about you is that you hate eye contact. For the most part, you avoid it. It’s like making eye contact is just too much for you. You do it when you have to, but sometimes you just can’t.


Your strangest quality is how friendly you are. You are always being kind even to those who do not deserve it. Many people think you have hidden motives because of this.


You are a bit too obsessive for your own good. You get too caught up in making sure everything is as it should be you become a bit violent sometimes. Jealousy is a look you wear far too often, and it does not suit you.


You are possessive and violent which is not a good mix. You will go above and beyond to be sure that you are getting your way. I guess it is safe to say, you need some work.