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While we know there was a moon goddess called Selene in Greek mythology regardless of what you worship these days there is no denying the power of the moon. When we work to embrace all that the moon brings our way we gain so much more in this world. 

One of the best ways to get the most out of the different moon phases is to create your own moon garden. Sure, looking at flowers is nice during the day but some flowers only bloom when the sun is hiding away. Those flowers are perfect for a moon garden and will give you a wonderful space for stargazing when the sky is clear.

Most moon gardens are full of night bloomers and quite bright foliage. They give you a wonderful sight even amidst the darkness. While most night-blooming flowers are quite light in color when the full moon shines down on them they turn into something truly mystical and out of this world.

Some of the best night-blooming flowers are as follows according to HGTV:

The Chocolate Daisy

The Queen of the Night

Datura Wrightii – Moonflower

Red Flare Water Lily

Dragonfruit Cactus

Evening Primrose 

Casa Blanca Lily

Gardenia Augusta

Four O’ Clocks – Mirabilis Jalapa

Easter Lily Cactus 

Rain Lilies 


Angel’s Trumpet





That being said do your own research and figure out what flowers would be best for you and suit your needs. When planting a moon garden you need to be sure you’re doing so in an area that will get a lot of moonlight. While night-blooming flowers should make up most of your moon garden don’t be afraid to mix in some ‘day bloomers’ as well. There are quite a few that go well with the moonlight and will help make your garden look spectacular.

For instance, dusty millers go well in moon gardens because their color looks extremely metallic under the moonlight. While that might sound a bit odd, once you’ve seen it for yourself you will understand what I mean. It’s also a good idea to add some herbs. Perhaps opting for some connected to the lunar goddess herself would be a good idea. 

I have Jasmine and Moonwort in my moon garden but you’re welcome to pick what you’re drawn to the most and go from there. To see some examples of moon gardens for yourself check out the videos below. Aren’t they beautiful? I simply cannot get enough of mine.