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In recent times many people have been talking about the use of plasma and how it could help those with severe cases of COVID-19. This being the plasma donated by those who have recovered from the virus or were asymptomatic. 

This is something that has lately proven to be quite beneficial as an almost 50-year-old man gained positive results through plasma therapy. According to, a man at the Max Hospital in Saket, Delhi was considered a critical coronavirus patient and when he was finally taken off the ventilator after his plasma treatments, many were in awe. This man was and is the first patient to experience this kind of therapy at the hospital noted above and the results were mind-blowing. 

While having been on a ventilator since April 8th, this man is finally able to breathe on his own and that is something we should all agree is monumental. Luckily for this man, his family arranged his plasma treatment entirely and found a donor for him as well. If not for that, he may have never gotten what he needed to get healthier. After requesting this plasma therapy be ‘administered on compassionate grounds,’ things really changed. 

Business Today reported as follows on the topic:

When the patient did not show any signs of improvement, the family members requested the hospital to administer plasma therapy on compassionate grounds. According to hospital sources, the family had arranged a donor who had recovered from coronavirus infection. Patients who have fully recovered from COVID-19 for at least 2 weeks are encouraged to donate plasma, which may help save the lives of patients who are critical.

According to an IANS report, the donor had recovered from COVID-19 three weeks ago and tested coronavirus negative at the time of donation along with other tests to rule out conditions like Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B, and HIV. Fresh plasma was administered to the critically ill patient as a treatment modality on the night of April 14. After undergoing the plasma treatment, the patient showed improvement and by the fourth day, he was put off ventilator support on the morning of April 18 and continued on supplementary oxygen afterward.

To learn more about this interesting case and what plasma therapy might hold for others check out the video below. This could save lives. Perhaps those who recovered are still able to help others through making donations like this.