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While it might not be something you’ve put much into these days, the way you think has changed. The pandemic we’re facing in the world right now has a lot of us either being more thankful or finally allowing our fears to be expressed. 

Yes, this virus is dangerous but the things we’re learning about ourselves through the things we’re going through as a result of it are important. I know, this whole pandemic has been and is still quite stressful but it’s helping us to grow in some pretty monumental ways. Below I am going to go over some of the ways we’re thinking differently now that this virus has made such a difference in the world. How many of these things are true for you?

8 Differences In Our Thinking Due To COVID-19:

1. We realize how important the small things actually were/are.

Before now most of us would overlook how privileged we were. We never realized how nice it was to be able to just get in our vehicles and go to a nice place to eat or visit the gym. Things like that were just part of the status quo to us.

2. We are finally starting to see how much we lack control. 

While we are in control of our own lives, we also aren’t. Control is not something we can every have completely and the sooner we come to terms with that the better. Sure, we might not like being stuck at home but it’s the right thing for now and we should keep that in mind.

3. We are beginning to see what’s actually important.

While your goals overall seemed crucial before all of this, now they don’t feel too urgent. Sure, they still matter but you’re also beginning to realize that there is nothing wrong with slowing down. You actually like the pace you’re at now on some level and know that there are more important things out there than you previously allowed yourself to see.

4. We’re finally understanding how crucial our connections with others are.

While before you might have said you hated other people, but now you miss them more than ever. Even the small interactions you’d have with people at work are missed on some level. Connecting through social media just isn’t the same nor is it enough.

5. We are much more thankful and grateful.

Now that we’ve had to experience this we are much more thankful and grateful for all we have and all we are able to come in contact with. We can still go get the things we need, and we are able to keep food on our tables. Sure, some people are out of work but overall, things are nowhere near as bad as they could be.

6. We are trying harder to take care of one another.

In the past, we might have only thought to take care of ourselves but now we’re reaching out to one another. Those who have more are giving to those who have less and everyone is coming together all the while distancing. While it might be scary, we’re managing.

7. We are now finally concerned about our health.

Sure, some people overall were already concerned about their health but up until now, I had never seen anyone wear face masks in public or go through this kind of thing which I am sure you can also likely say the same. Many of us through this experience learned just how dangerous viruses can be. In many ways, this whole pandemic has felt very surreal.

8. We are more aware of the struggles of others.

While before some of us might have judged others far too harshly for small things, now we are a bit changed. We see things in a new light and are more understanding. This is because we too experienced this ‘unexpected’ disaster.

COVID-19 has really taken a toll on the world, and I am sure many of us will even after all of this is over and it’s safe to travel, still avoid it. Things will not get back to normal quickly – it’s going to take a lot of time. That having been said, we did learn some important things along the way.