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While the idea of living debt-free is enticing for many, most aren’t willing to go the extra mile to make it happen. However, we are in the age of tiny homes right now and it seems some people are really taking things into their own hands.

When it comes to building a home you can do so with a lot of different things and well, you can even use giant shipping containers. Yes, the kinds you see on boats in movies and other things of the sort. I actually recently came across a video on YouTube posted by the channel Living Big In A Tiny Home that was posted back in December 2019 and it truly knocked my socks off.

In this video, the story of a couple who used shipping containers to make their tiny home is gone over and they are spoken with as well as their home shown off properly. While their home might look small, it is quite mind-blowing and all a couple would need, honestly. This couple is Jaimie and Dave who made the most out of one 40ft container and one 20ft container. They live in Washington and well, their home is incredible.

Not only do they have all they need but they even managed to add a balcony to the top of one of the containers. The couple says that with Dave having always been in metalwork creating this home wouldn’t be too terrible of a process and well, it wasn’t. While their home is ‘on the grid’ it is still something very special. While this couple had to go through a lot on their journey with making this home, they accomplished so much.

This lovely couple doesn’t have to worry about a mortgage now and live on their own land. Their hard work has paid off and by working on their home each weekend and going to work throughout the week they really put together something unique and beautiful. To see their tiny home for yourself please check out the video below. It truly is something worth looking at.