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Before you set foot on this planet your true partner has been selected. You decided who you were to give your heart to if anyone at all long before you were born.

While you have no memory of your time before this incarnation you are already committed to someone without realizing it. The cosmos knows who your soul is meant to find and it will ensure that you find him or her in one way or another. You and your true partner have found one another time and time again throughout many lives. It’s like you both start this game on opposite ends of the board only to spend each lifetime making your way back towards one another. Sometimes you find each other and sometimes you do not.

While you might settle down with a person you think deserves your all, that does not mean this person is your true love or anything of the sort. We confuse many things for true love in this world. That is why marriages of the traditional type sometimes do not work. When we settle down with someone who is not our true partner things are destined to fail from the start.

When we marry someone we do not have that true, once in a lifetime connection with, we are damaging ourselves. We are forcing ourselves to go through the motions of trying to prove that the love we think we feel is real when it is something else entirely. When you find someone you are cosmically connected with you don’t have to question anything and you never have to prove yourself.

Meeting your cosmic partner is not something that comes easily. It takes lots of time and lots of patience. You have to get out into the world and move forward no matter what comes your way. Abusive, toxic, unfulfilling relationships are not true love and neither are the ones in which you just don’t feel that spark. We all need to work harder to better understand what makes up a true cosmic connection.

While I know all of this might sound a bit confusing once you find your cosmic love you will understand completely. Everything will finally make sense regardless of where you are on your spiritual journey.

Image via Louis Dyer