While we are in such a time of crisis, many empaths are feeling the effects. Activations are coming and as healers, we must be aware of this. 

As healers, we have jobs to do. In order to protect others and keep in mind the highest good, we must use our powers to benefit this world around us. Sure, some people dismiss healing meditation and call us crazy for looking on the spiritual side of things but that does not weaken our purpose. As healers, we must all come together on an energetic level to work our magic on this planet. 

Chances are you’ve been for a while now felt the calling that this universe has been sending out to you. Right now, we have the chance to work with Mother Nature to activate the planet’s ascension in more ways than most could ever imagine and now is the time to begin. If you’re in any groups online for healing and empath awareness or even lightworker awareness I am sure you’ve seen many others talking about this kind of thing. They are all feeling these new energies rush through their beings as you are, none of us are alone. 

While we might be isolated right now we are still very much connected. That intuitive energy is going to help guide you to raise the vibrations of the world around you. Through that and in union with others, you will be able to help boost the world around you into a more positive mindset. Spiritually this might sound like a lot but it’s something you’ve done before for individuals and will be coming in union to make happen for us all as a whole. 

Being an empath is a powerful thing and I know right now you’re picking up on how negative the energy of our world has become. This activation and healing process will help with that. With everyone terrified and so many being affected by the things going on right now, there is no time to waste. Take some time out of each day to meditate properly over healing this planet and the people of it. 

While meditating envision a rainbow of light within you and coming outward into this world. Make sure your intent is to heal and that you think of all who are suffering right now. Let that rainbow of power force itself out of your being and into the world. This will be very draining so please pace yourself. 

While many think this mission is just for lightworkers alone, things have gotten far too big for just that. All healers are welcome to help this planet find a deeper sense of strength. As a lightworker, empath, or whatever else you define your powers as you are being activated and you should not ignore the calling you’re facing right now.

Do not be afraid to fully activate your connection with your higher self during this time period. Work to shield yourself when not in meditation over this so that you can recharge properly and put your gift to good use. This is one of the most crucial moments in our spiritual lives and as we continue to do what we can, things will begin to improve. 

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