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Everybody wants love, especially these days. However, people tend to not take dating seriously in modern day times. If you are feeling down about finding your true soulmate, these 6 cosmic truths will make you feel much better.

Relationships aren’t easy and they have never been. However, people have made dating ten times harder in the modern day society because nobody truly wants a partner; they just want the attention of one. Everyone seems to be in such a rush to find their true soulmate that they are just filtering through people left and right, causing heartbreak after heartbreak. This completely defies the true meaning of a cosmically designated partner. Be patient and your soulmate will come. Your twin flame is out there waiting somewhere, and these 6 cosmic truths will make you feel a little more hopeful about finding them.

1. They’re Already Pre-Selected and Out There Waiting

Your partner is probably going through the same struggle you are looking for you at this very moment. They are already cosmically preselected, and your twin flame partner is out there. They are looking for you, and they will be unable to recognize you if you are trying to pretend to be someone you’re not.

2. Listen To Your Intuition

Intuition is essentially a sense of knowing brought forth by the cosmos. Your higher consciousness will always tell you the correct path to take. Listening to your intuition will lead you right to your soulmate. It is that gut feeling that you can’t deny. You just have to go with it.

3. Be Authentic to Yourself

To find your true partner and soulmate you have to be yourself. Like I said before if you’re trying to be someone you’re not they’ll never be able to recognize you! Both parties of the cosmically matched soul couple should be aligned and authentic to themselves.

4. Be Patient

Don’t rush the universe in bringing you to your partner. You probably aren’t ready yet if it hasn’t happened. There’s an immense amount of self-discovery needed to take place before that union is made. Out of all the people in the world, I promise they’re out there. Just be patient.

5. Take Lessons from Past Relationships

I’m sure we all have some exes we’d rather not talk about… or think about. I know I do. You can’t dwell on the past or let it get in your way, but you have to remember the important things you learned through them all. No matter what we always take away a valuable lesson. Use it!

6. They’ll Show Up Where You Least Expect It

Don’t try to constantly look for your soulmate because you will be unsuccessful. Dating through tons of people will only make you less satisfied and discouraged about finding your one true love. As soon as you stop looking they might show up right in front of your face! They might already be there.