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Controlling your emotions is not as easy as it sounds. It for many of us takes a lot of work.

While you might think you’re an emotional train wreck and that you cannot overcome the things in your own mind, you can. There are ways to change the way in which we think and through that promote a more positive or even patient mindset. You don’t have to move through life letting everything get under your skin to the point where you blow up all the time or are upset over the smallest things.

Don’t get me wrong, some of us are struggling with mental health issues and those are going to take a lot to work towards resolving or making less prominent, not all of us are. If you’re just not sure how to deal with the things you’re feeling and you’re letting your emotions get the best of you, controlling them properly can make a huge difference in your life. Even if you’re facing some kind of mental illness some of the tips you’re going to gain through reading this might still be able to benefit you. 

If you really want to gain control over your emotions you need to take the following tips to heart. While some of them will be easy, not all of them will. The more you add each of these to your life the better you will feel over time. These things have helped me tremendously, especially right now.

6 Tips For Working To Better Control Your Emotions:

1. When you feel overwhelmed, take a walk or let yourself have a break.

Sometimes we become so overwhelmed that we do not know how to function and it shuts us down. When we feel this beginning to happen we should be working to combat it. If you need to walk away and take some time to relax, do it. Give yourself a break if you need it and think things through before going back to them.

2. Try to tone your reactions down and think them through.

When you are reacting to something in a bad way, try to, in the moment, close things off. Slow down your reaction by trying to think things through. While this one is a very hard one to truly accomplish, you can do it if you work hard enough at it.

3. Be more open-minded.

Be open-minded about yourself and how you feel. Not every feeling needs to be worked through or let go of. Sometimes we are feeling a specific way for a reason. The more open you are about how things play out the better. Don’t sell yourself short, if you need to be feeling something be open to feeling it.

4. Work to better understand how your emotions work.

Sometimes we need to come to terms with how we handle certain emotions. For instance, if you’re someone who flies off the handle more than you should maybe you need to figure out your triggers. Why do you react to some things in the ways that you do?

5. Replace negative thoughts with positive ones.

If you’re someone who has a lot of negative emotions and thoughts you need to work to replace them with positive ones. Counter each negative thing that enters your mind with something positive. While at first, it will be hard, the more you get used to doing it the better you will end up feeling.

6. Give yourself time each day to recharge.

We all need time to recharge and process things. If you’re constantly moving around and doing things you’re not giving yourself what you need. Be aware of your own well-being above all else.