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It seems in this day and age people are confusing confidence for the inflated ego. Just because you’re doing well and hold yourself properly does not mean you need to put other people down. 

Confidence is a wonderful thing that we should all work to have a proper amount of but if you’re someone who thinks you’re better than everyone else, you’re not confident you’re just a jerk. Far too many people in this world are feeding into their inflated egos on a level that we as humans should not be tolerating. No one on this planet is better than anyone else, we are all just people trying to get by the best we can and the sooner we come to terms with that and kill off our egos as a whole, the better we will be as a society.

You can be confident without putting other people down and you can be determined and believe in yourself without kicking those who are not as well off as you. We are all on our own paths in this world and just because someone has not made as much progress as you does not mean that you’re higher than they are or that they should be putting you on some kind of pedestal. 

We are all so much more than what our physical bodies reduce us to. We are all so beautiful, powerful, and capable even if we cannot see it as properly as we should. To have confidence is to have an understanding and faith in your own abilities, it’s not to run around flailing your self-righteous attitude at everyone who crosses your path.

If you’re judging others and moving through life in a way that does harm to the people around you, you need to make some serious changes. There is nothing wrong with being proud of yourself and being aware that you’re capable of more, but there is something very wrong with using that as a means of gaining control over others or throwing them under the bus. Shrinking your ego and working to allow yourself to develop properly is something that you all need to work on if you’re seemingly toxic to the people in your life. 

Confidence comes in all shapes and sizes when you find yours you will know. Sure, all of this might sound a bit weird but it’s something that society needs to be reminded of. If you have not yet gone through ego death chances are you’re perhaps doing these things on some level whether you realize it or not. 

Only through completely letting go of your ego and finding a way to embrace those around you for who they are while keeping your own wellbeing in mind can you really become truly confident, to begin with. If you’re still confused on this topic please check out the video below. These two things might seem similar while you’re experiencing them, but they’re nowhere near the same thing and when you really want to be your best self, your ego has no place of power.