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In life and love, we will always have to make compromises but there are lots of things that we should never budge on. Far too many people in this world will try to force you into someone you’re not and remaining true to yourself is far more important than you might realize. Below I am going to go over some of the compromises that you should never give into. These compromises are not worth it and will only leave you feeling empty. Whether you’re willing to make them or not, you should think long and hard before doing so. Someone who truly loves you will never ask you to give up the following, never forget that.

12 Compromises That Love Should Never Force You To Make

Your Self-Worth

The way you feel about yourself is already something you’re going to struggle with on your own. You should never let anyone tear you down so that they can build themselves up. When it comes to being in love you need to be with someone who will refuse to allow you to lower your self-worth not someone who forces you into a dark box and makes you feel insignificant. You matter and your relationship should make that clear no matter what.

Your Goals

We all have our own goals and sometimes those goals don’t match up with the goals of the person we fall for and that is something that we have to work through. While you might have to put some things off or work together on a lot, giving up on your goals is not something you should even think about. Regardless of what your goals are, they should be achieved no matter how long it takes to get there.

Your Beliefs

We all have our own believes or choose not to have any at all (this being in the world of religion or spirituality). You should never have to change your beliefs for the person you’re dating, if you cannot get past your differences you should not be together. If you’re someone that gets what you need from prayer or other means, never give that up.

Your Passion

Each and every one of us has something we are passionate about. Wherever your passions lie should not be something you have to go without. Never allow someone else to force you to neglect the things that make you happy in life.

Your Family

Toxic relationships can end up disguised as love far more often than you’d think. If your significant other is trying to cut you off from your family then there are far more issues present than you’re willing to admit. You should not give up those who have been there for you from the beginning of your life for those who might not even be around months from now. Know your limits and spot the signs, toxic relationships can and will ruin you if you allow them to.

Your Relationship Standards

Some of us have high standards when it comes to dating and there is nothing wrong with that. If you want to be treated a specific way, don’t allow anyone to force you to settle. Settling in life or in love is not going to be the happiness that you’re seeking. Sure, you might be tired of being alone but that doesn’t mean you should dive into something or someone who isn’t what you need.

Your Friends

This one goes hand in hand with toxic partners that want to cut you off from your family, they will try to cut you off from your friends as well. Your friends are important to you and the person you love should want them to be in your life. You should never be willing to cut out the people who have shown you the most love for someone who again, might not be around as long as you think.

Your Own Well-being

While you might be tempted to force the bad sides of your relationship to make sense in your mind, you shouldn’t. Just because you love someone does not mean you should allow them to hurt you or make you feel bad. Your well-being matters and if you’re being abused whether you think you’re in love or not you need to get out of the situation. You are important and you need to remember that above all else.

Your True Emotions

We all feel different things at different points in our lives. Your emotions are your own and you should never force yourself to feel something you don’t or hide something you’re struggling with. Your emotions are uncompromisable and that should be made clear right off the bat when getting into any and all relationships.

Your Needs

As human beings we all have needs. Your needs must be met within your relationship, and so should your partners. For instance, if you need physical or emotional intimacy and your partner is unwilling or not capable of providing jumping ship might be your best bet. Things don’t just resolve the longer they’re ignored, it won’t just get better.

Your Security

You deserve to feel safe and secure in your relationship. This could be financially or even just being certain that you’re not going to be cheated on. We all define security in our own ways when it comes to these kinds of things and that should be established from the very beginning. Don’t sit on someone else’s ship while it’s sinking.

Your Dreams

Whether you achieve them or not your partner should be someone who believes in you and wants to see you chase your dreams. Following our dreams is something we should never be willing to give up on. You and your partner should be capable of taking on the world together all the while getting where each of you needs to be. No matter how outlandish your dreams seem, your partner should be the one person who backs you no matter how often others refuse to.