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Have you ever just met someone that you instantly felt attracted to their vibe? While you may have wondered what these people had that drew you in like a magnet, their certain magnetism is actually all in a few simple traits.

These people always have a crowd surrounding them, even when they don’t necessarily try. So what is it exactly that makes these people so attractive to others? Read on to find out!

1. They are always humble.

People who continuously brag about their accomplishments come off as brash, and to be honest, a bit narcissistic. While people with attractive energy know when to humble themselves and graciously accept kind words without being too egocentric.

2. They are unapologetically themselves.

A good deal of may call them weird, but they don’t care, they are who they are, and they love themselves!

3. They know how to laugh at themselves.

Sometimes, knowing when to accept your downfalls and laugh at yourself can be a wonderful way to be. So, let your freak flag fly, and be your imperfect self.

4. They allow others to have a moment in the sun.

Instead of constantly having to be in the spotlight, the most attractive people let others shine. It is this wonderful energy that truly captures their spirit.

5. They are honest.

An attractive-spirited person will not lie to you. While they won’t be rude and in your face, they gracefully shine true to the very end!

6. They won’t apologize for who they are, no matter what you think!

Some people still won’t like even the most beautifully spirited person, and that is ENTIRELY okay. They know that they aren’t for everyone, and that some people will never accept them for who they are. But that doesn’t mean they are going to apologize for who they are.

7. They accept others for who they are.

They know that not everyone is the same, and that we are all flawed. Their crowd is usually a tribe of random misfits, and they know that these are truly the best people to be around.

8. They dance to the beat of their own drum- ALWAYS.

They aren’t the same as everyone else, and their random weird, beautiful souls make them who they are!