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As you may know, comet NEOWISE has been putting on a good show for those with binoculars as of late. That being said, whether you have something to aid your vision or not, you’re probably feeling energies from this comet’s encounter with our planet. 

This comet is getting nearer and nearer which means those energies are really ramping up. It will be making its closest approach on the 23rd of this month (July) and well, that in itself is going to bring some intense emotions. While in the past comets passing our planet were thought to be a source of evil and a sign of something terrible coming, that’s not quite what they are these days. 

I believe NEOWISE is, however, signifying a great change in the world as a whole. Not a bad change but a reminder that while 2020 has been awful so far, things will get better. It is bringing with it warm energies that for those who are energy sensitive have been quite reassuring for the past couple of weeks. While it might not be something everyone picks up on those who have picked up on it know all too well how powerful this kind of thing can be. 

This comet is bringing us all to a place where we’re going to be dealing with the things we’ve been needing to deal with and from there we will be able to grow tremendously. As its closest approach comes forth we will be able to take the lead more and really set ourselves apart from the rest in new ways. It may very-well ignite creativity within us all. 

As this comet’s presence becomes more clear perhaps we will all be offered a chance to right some of the wrongs before us. This in itself might not sound like much but it could bring major changes in our world if we allow it to. NEOWISE is a powerful comet, that much its energies prove all too well. 

While this in itself is a marvelous viewing event, it is also a marvelous event spiritually. This is a chance for us all to learn something new and really work to find ourselves properly. Don’t just sit around and let this once in a lifetime moment pass you by, take the initiative placed before you and work on yourself more properly.

Things are not always what they seem, this might not look like much but it is bringing energies left and right. This event in itself is powerful. We are all headed towards something big.