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We will be facing the peak of a meteor shower known as the Geminids, gaining a total eclipse in some areas, and even potentially catching a glimpse of a comet. On top of all of this, it will also be a powerful new moon that for those who do not know brings with it change of all types.

This meteor shower is going to be a powerful one as during its peak on the night of the 13th going into the 14th we will be seeing around 100 shooting stars per hour. The energies a meteor shower like this holds brings great power for us all. It reminds us to hold our own and keep trecking forth as best we can. We should not be overlooking the positivity that something of this caliber brings forth.

Now, it should also be mentioned that while it won’t be visible here in the US a total solar eclipse is going to be happening on the 14th as well. This eclipse is one that a lot of people are on edge over as pairing it with the new moon has brought serious power forth. The energies associated will be more than enough to knock some of us off our feet.

Astrology King wrote as follows on this energetic celestial duo:

The December 14 solar eclipse is conjunct Mercury. So the major themes of the solar eclipse astrology are thinking and communication. The solar eclipse and Mercury trine Mars creates positive, well-balanced energy. It gives the desire and initiative to make plans, set new goals, and act on them with courage and confidence.

New moon December 2020 and Mercury square Neptune brings the potential for confusion, deception, and susceptibility to infection. But the positive Mars aspects are stronger. This means quick thinking and clarity can overcome confusion and deception. You can be direct and assertive instead of unsure and hesitant.

The fixed stars bring the potential for immorality, misfortune, and epidemic infection. But they also give caution, thoughtfulness, quick thinking, and insight to protect yourself.

The Coronavirus pandemic has lasted so long but you must keep your guard up to avoid infection. The economic losses it has caused mean there are more desperate people in the world trying to deceive, cheat, and steal. So you also need a sharp intellect and assertive words to protect against deception and fraud.

I know, it might not sound like much but there will also be a comet present in the night sky as the shower noted above is taking hold. This comet is not one we will be able to see but it will bring with it a lot of freeing energies. According to Universe Today, this comet is known as S3 Erasmus and it’s been one that has been present on some levels for awhile now. That being said, on the night noted above it will be close to the moon even if you can’t pick up on it with your eyes.

While a lot of this might sound a bit crazy, we should all be glad the energy changes we’re facing are overall quite positive. We’re moving into things with a new light and as that occurs we will be more ourselves than ever. This is our chance to really break free.