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When this comet last neared our planet the Ancient Egyptians were still around, that should be enough to tell you that this comet travels extremely far. This comet is getting closer and closer to us and as it does the energies are ramping up. 

Sure, some are saying this comet is already beginning to break up, but that does not negate the energies it has pulled out from the depths of the Universe to bring our way. This comet will be making its closest approach to us on Earth in May, and we have a lot to deal with until then. Whether you end up being able to see this comet pass or not, you will likely feel the weight of its presence the closer it gets until it has left our area. 

While many people associate comets with dread and fear, this one isn’t bringing only those things forth. This one will be offering us all a chance to begin again, or at least that is what I believe as my senses are going overboard right now with all of the energies before me. If you are an energy sensitive person, I am sure you can feel exactly what I mean. 

According to, comets are in people’s hearts associated with taboos and thought to be omens of something very unlucky or disastrous, we should not be freaking out. This comet will likely come and go without revealing some terrible fate to our planet. This comet as it passes will be a chance for each and every one of us to release our fears that we have in recent times been holding onto and that in itself is a beautiful thing. 

This may have in the past been seen as a token of doom but right now after tasting these energies, I do not believe it is anything like that. This comet is going to force us to face things right now that are going to bring us down and tear us apart only to lift us up once all is said and done. Things are not always what they seem and this comet’s passing should be seen as an energetic gift from the Universe itself. 

While the people of the past would freak out and think the end of the world was coming because of something like this, we should not be so naive. This comet brings hope and should be used to cultivate more hope considering what we are all facing here on Earth right now. Things are going to get better and the more we use these energies to our advantage the better we will all feel collectively.