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Colorstrology is becoming more and more prominent in this current day and age with good reason. While not many people take it as seriously as they should the more you dive into it the more you can learn about yourself.

Colorstrology for those who do not know is basically the color of your birth month and the things it says about you. This was developed by Michele Bernhardt who is a healer and big name in the world of metaphysicians. She designed this system and linked it with the zodiac signs as properly as possible and through mixing colors and working to bring different things to light colorstrology was made quite real through her book titled “Colorstrology: What Your Birthday Color Says About You.” If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like to dive too deeply into the world of astrology, colorstrology might be your calling.

Below I am going to go over each birth month and the color that Bernhardt has associated with it. Which one is yours and how does it relate to you? Mine was spot on, and I am sure yours will likely be as well.

January – Caramel

Those who are born in January are practical, determined, and good builders. They are quite logical and able to hold their feet steady on proper ground. While they might lose themselves from time to time, they always hold their own.

February – Super Lilac

Those who are born in February are uplifting, progressive, and so much more. These people are very capable of using their imaginations to their advantages and helping others. They love to be there for those in need and are quite emotional in nature.

March – Fair Aqua

Those who are born in March are quite intuitive and very empathetic. They use their abilities to help the people closest to them and are very trusting. The more you get to know them the more fun they are to be around.

April – Cayenne

Those who are born in April are energetic, courageous, and can sometimes be a bit much. They never seem to get tired and are always excited about something new. These people do not know how to slow down and it seriously shows.

May – Bud Green

Those who are born in May are great healers, usually prosper big time and also open their heart in ways most refuse to. They are very earthy as this color would suggest and usually find balance more than most others do. They have emotional stress but not to the point where it wears them out, they are capable of so much more.

June – Aspen Gold

Those who are born in June are very uplifting and positive in general. They hold themselves well and are usually full of energy. While they might become discouraged easily, you would never know.

July – Coral Blush

Those who are born in July are quite soothing and nurturing towards others. They want everyone around them to be happy and are always trying to do the right thing. That being said, sometimes they lose track of themselves and end up where they never thought they would.

August – Sun Orange

Those who are born in August are very inspiring people in general. They are usually people in power positions and tend to stand out more than most others. These people usually make others want to do better and be better without really trying.

September – Baja Blue

Those who are born in September are usually quite artistic and usually hold great beauty. These people are serious thinkers and usually able to solve almost any problem. They demand to be heard and are not easy to avoid.

October – Cerulean

Those who are born in October are very peaceful people overall. They seek balance above all else and are usually much more calm in general. These people do not want to get out and make a big fuss, they just want to be happy and see those they care for happy as well.

November – Claret Red

Those who are born in November are usually pretty intense people to be around. They are constantly changing and seeking change but not always in the best ways. They are very passionate and usually quite outgoing but that doesn’t always bring them the best company.

December – Pagoda Blue

Those who are born in December are quite wise and truthful people. They do not lie to others if they can help it and are always as optimistic as possible. They travel a lot and love to explore but are not always willing to set their roots in any one place. It takes a lot to get them comfortable.