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In this day and age, there are a lot of controlling people and some of those controlling people will want to gain control over you and your life. When it comes to dating and love as a whole, we have to be aware of this kind of thing so that we can ensure it’s not something we have to deal with.

Sure, having a lover who comes off as a little bossy isn’t really anything to worry about but if your partner wants to be in control of you so bad that you’re seemingly unable to make your own decisions, you’re with the wrong person. When it comes to dating you and your partner both need to be in control within reason, not one or the other.

In severely controlling relationships the control in itself becomes abusive and that’s not something we should ever tolerate. If your partner is telling you what you can and cannot wear, regulating the things you do or don’t do, and trying to force you to cut certain people out of your life then he or she is not the person you need to be with. 

Living with a controlling partner might not be too bad at first but once things get to a certain point you’ll feel as if you are dealing with someone who doesn’t care about your feelings at all and well, you are. You should be in a partnership not stuck with someone who sees you as an extension of his or herself. You are not property and should not allow anyone to treat you as such.

If you feel like you’re not free to be yourself and live life the way you want to live it you don’t need to stick around. When you’re with someone positive you won’t have to question these things. You will now without a doubt that you’re the one making the life you want to live manifest. That having been said if things have progressed to a certain point leaving your controlling partner might not feel like something you’re capable of. 

Because controlling partners isolate their lovers they create the perfect environment for their negative ways to thrive. They leave you feeling as if you have no means of leaving. You don’t have anyone to turn to and you’re already very dependent on this person to a severe extent. That having been said, if you want out bad enough, you can find a way and will find a way. 

If you feel like you’re being controlled in your relationship and unable to break free from your partner please know that there are people out here in this world who will be glad to help you. You can reach out to the crisis line or other forms of support. For more information on this kind of thing please check out the video below, if the signs are present you should already be on your way out the door.