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Witches for a long time have been cleansing their homes and well, you should be too whether you’re a witch or not. We bring a lot of energies into our homes without even realizing it and some of those energies are much more negative than we might expect.

While there are tons of different ways to cleanse your homes and rid your household of different energies, below you will find a few methods that work well together. I do these every two weeks, and they really do seem to keep things as they should be around me. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed even after trying to decompress, there could be energies at play that are bringing you down.

6 Ways To Cleanse Your Home:

1. Smudge your spaces.

Choose your favorite smudging tool and go for it. Open up all the doors and windows as you smudge and allow this to rid your space of things that do not belong. Set your intent and recite it as you move forth. Personally smudging with white sage is my go-to.

2. Set out some of your favorite crystals.

Place some of your favorite crystals around your home. These will help break things up and take some of the edge off. For instance, if you use black obsidian it can absorb negativity or if you use selenite to lighten the mood as a whole.

3. Take a bath with cleansing salts.

Salts have powerful healing and cleansing energies. Using sea salt or pink Himalayan salt take a nice relaxing bath. This will rid you of any negative energies that may be stuck to your aura.

4. Declutter as best you can.

The more cluttered we are the more negativity we’re going to be feeding into within our homes. This is because clutter causes stress. The less clutter there is around you the more capable you will be of relaxing.

5. Turn to the healing power of salt.

Now, for this one, you can sprinkle salt in corners of rooms or place small bowls of salt in each room. The salt will work to absorb the negative energy around you and benefit your well-being overall. Once you’ve allowed the salt to sit for a few hours vacuum it up and be done with the negativity it has absorbed.

6. Ring a bell in each doorway.

While it might sound a bit odd, ringing a bell in your doorways can and will help get stagnant energies moving. This is something best done in areas where you have lots of arguments as well. It will get things move so that they can be cleared out.