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Halloween is almost here, and it’s bringing out the spooky in us all. If you love all things witchy, this might be something you want to dive into.

Witches all for the most part have familiars, and their familiars are very symbolic. Whichever one you are most drawn to could really show us a lot about how you are as a witchy person overall. While there may be exceptions to this, it is all in good fun.

After choosing which creature out of the ones listed you are most drawn to, take a look at what that creature has to say about you and the kind of witch you are. This might reveal more than you’d expect.


The Snake

You are a witch that really likes to stick to the things you know. You do not explore much and know that your powers overall need to be worked on before anything else. You carry a lot of burden on your back, but you do-so quite well. You are able to really connect with mother nature, and that is something others look up to about you.

The Cat

You are a witch that knows when to leave and where to head next. You do not remain in one place for too long because the energies around you tend to become too intense. As a witch, you might sometimes want to be with others, but your independence overall is quite important to you.

The Owl

You as a witch are very much prepared for anything. You put your mind to all that you do and make sure you do things well. You are the kind of witch that makes sure all things are as they should be. This in many ways really shows how strong your mind is.

The Mouse

You as a witch are more reserved than most. You do not like to give advice or help others all the time, but when you find someone you really connect with you are willing to teach them what you know. You apply yourself properly to your craft, you know that practice makes perfect.

The Bat

You as a witch was always meant to be. You are very powerful, and you tend to be quite charming. You’re the kind of witch that goes unnoticed by others, but is a force to be reckoned with.

The Pumpkin

You are a witch that brings a lot to the table. You are the kind of witch that resonates highly with others. You speak your mind and really go all out when educating the people around you is something you feel you need to do. You do your best to give the world of the craft a good name, and a lot of people have become more open-minded through your presence in their lives.

The Spider

You are a witch that builds deep connections above all else. You like to keep your friends close and your enemies even closer. You do not harm others, but you are well aware that keeping a close eye on those who wish you harm can work wonders in your life.