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Elizabeth Harper is a wonderful numerologist and medium. She is very talented and is known for her powerful spiritual insights. Below, she shares an individualized angel message that will help you to find abundance in your future.

At the beginning of the video, Harper invites you to participate in the reading, by placing both hands over your heart. She encourages you to speak to your Angel guides, and ask them to guide us towards the message that is meant for us. Take a moment and truly tune the world out.

Clear your mind and meditate. With general readings done through distance, it’s truly important to open yourself and cover your bases. You can light a white candle for extra added protection as well. Then, contemplate the numbers 1,2, and 3.

Ask your angels which number you need the most, and then use the list below to navigate to the right time.

Angel Message #1 – 1:22

Angel Message #2 – 4:36

Angel Message #3 – 7:21

If the message truly resonates with you, please be sure to share this with others, so they can benefit as well. And if you feel drawn, pick an additional number for an extra message, or visit one of her other readings. Her messages are truly insightful- and the one I picked was perfect for my situation!