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For some reason, we are more-so drawn to specific things. What you seem to find a connection with other people might not and that reveals a lot about you.

Below you will find an image consisting of several different kinds of masks. Each one holds its own meanings and could really help you get to know yourself. Which one are you most drawn to? Without over thinking it, choose one and continue on to see what it might mean for you.

1. The Warrior

If this is the mask you chose you are someone with the soul of a warrior. You are very hardworking and straightforward. You always do your best to get things done and are for the most part quite willing to stand up for what you believe is right. You know sometimes the battles are hard but are all too familiar with the rewards that come after having won.

You never back down and are always able to hold your own. People tend to look up to you and you really enjoy that. You are a very positive person overall.

2. The Peacekeeper

If this is the mask you chose you are always working to bring peace to those around you. You hate conflict and are rarely ever willing to address the issues at hand. You are very modest and quite humble.

People tend to take advantage of you and you don’t understand why. You love being around other people but also know that spending time alone is crucial. You are a very caring person and you need to be less open to those who only wish to use you.

3. The Luck Bringer

If this is the mask you chose you are someone that tends to be quite lucky. You always have something fun going on and never seem to hit rough patches. While others are usually quite jealous of you, you are always doing your part in giving back.

You love to laugh and are always there for the people who need you. You are very smart and quite outgoing. You are one of the people that truly lives the live he or she wants to live.

4. The Priest

If this is the mask you chose you are really good at reading others. You can tell when someone is being fake or when they’re being real. You can sense things most other people cannot and it comes in handy. You are the person most come to for advice and when that happens you do not sugar coat things.

You are not always the person everyone loves but you are always truthful. You are quite interesting and very much valuable. Most do not want to lose you in their lives.

5. The Healer

If this is the mask you chose you are someone that really cares for others. You go out of your way to bring forth healing and are often overly invested in the people closest to you. You don’t know where they end and you begin. While some call you an empath you are not quite sure where you need to please comes from.

You do things for others without asking for anything in return and are a special kind of person. People tend to hold you very dear to their hearts. You are a very kind soul.

6. The Lover

If this is the mask you chose you are the kind of person that loves love. You always have to be in a relationship or have someone by your side. You don’t know how to be alone and are often overly dependent on your partner.

You don’t know how to exist outside of a relationship and while it might not always be an issue, sometimes it is. You were not born to please others and you need to come to terms with that. Sometimes being alone is alright.

7. The Eccentric

If this is the mask you chose you are the kind of person that was born to do something amazing. While you might not see it just yet, in the future there is something big heading your way. You are creative and powerful in more ways than most.

You can do things that other people would only be able to dream of. Your talent really knows no bounds. People tend to be quite jealous of you.

8. The Ruler

If this is the mask you chose you are always going above and beyond in general. You are a very strong and powerful person. You are always working towards obtaining the finer things in life and people are drawn to you.

While you might be a bit overly into yourself you are quite mysterious in your own ways as well. You go out of your way to get things done and are always finding yourself in the spotlight. It’s like you were made to be noticed.