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While you might not always realize it, your subconscious mind can tell you a lot about yourself. You can learn many things through the choices you make and the actions you take when you’re not ‘thinking.’

For instance, below you will see an image containing likely a few symbols you’ve never seen before. The symbol you’re drawn to the most out of all of those reveals things about you. While it might not tell us your whole life story, it does give us a bit of a glimpse into the side of you that perhaps even you aren’t familiar with. 

If you want to see what alchemy symbols can reveal you should give yourself no more than three seconds to choose the symbol below you are most drawn to. Once you’ve figured it out take a peek at the meanings. In most cases, this one will tell us what you’re struggling with in life right now. 

Before moving forward please keep in mind these are as follows: 

The first four from left to right and the last four from left to right making up all eight unlisted symbols. That meaning if you chose the second symbol on the first row, you chose the water symbol. Is that simple enough?


While this symbol might look like a simple triangle it is something that stands for a lot. It means fire but also hot and dry. If you chose this symbol you’re likely really struggling within yourself. Perhaps you have trouble with a lashing out problem.


Water is just an upside-down triangle but it is interesting. This one is associated with wet and cold like air is but the two are not the same. This symbol is more often quite feminine in nature and could be showing us that you’re in need of more than you’re willing to ask for. If you need help, ask for it. If you never ask, you will never receive it.


The air symbol is similar to the fire symbol but it holds a bar near the top. This means air but also wet and hot. You are likely letting too much get to you and boiling inside. While you struggle with dealing with your own emotions bottling them is not the answer. Start speaking up for yourself in new ways and see what difference it makes.


The Earth symbol is a bit different but overall quite simple. The triangle is pointing downward and there is a bar running through it. This means Earth but also dry and cold. You are likely someone who needs to tune into your quiet side a bit more. You’re struggling with feelings of being overwhelmed and it shows.


This one kind of looks like a star and reveals to us that you need to work harder to get things where you want them to be. You cannot create something out of nothing. Wanting is not enough. I think motivation could be something you’re struggling with big time.


This symbol represents exactly what you’d expect but is a bit odd-looking. Everything in life has to move along its own path and sometimes it takes us a while to realize that. You as a person need to come to terms with your life and where you’re headed. Perhaps you’re a bit more closed off than you’d like to admit.


This symbol while looking just as odd as the life one is reversed. It means as you’d expect, death itself is quite straightforward. However, perhaps it is telling us that you need to let go of fear and be freer. You can’t live life in a bubble terrified of what may happen. You must work to be true to who you are as best as you possibly can.


This symbol is very much like the Earth one but different in many ways. It looks like a ball or a planet and stands for the planet Earth itself. It for many represents the things you consider as yours. If you’ve chosen this one you’re holding onto material things too tightly and it’s causing you pain.