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There are tons of different sacred geometric shapes, but these six stand out above the rest, they can help you learn more about yourself than you ever thought possible. When it comes to our soul if you want to learn more about yourself you need to delve into your subconscious.

Look at the image above – which shape were you drawn to? That specific shape is something you can learn a lot from. Once you’ve picked one continue on to find out what it has to say about your inner workings and the ‘shape’ of your soul.

Sri Yantra

If you were drawn to this one, you are someone that really wants to be centered. This shape represents your spiritual journey and path to enlightenment. It is something that gives us a vision of totality and helps us realize our unity with the cosmos. In choosing this one your soul has made you aware that you are ready to rediscover yourself.

Metatron’s Cube

If you were drawn to this one you are deeply connected with your energy source. You are looking for more ways to create and ready for higher vibrational frequencies to find you. Metatron’s Cube is made up of 13 spheres and all of them are held together by lines. This is to represent a balance between male and female polarities and bring forth oneness.

Seed of Life

If you were drawn to the symbol for the seven days of creation you are very invested in the origin of all. Choosing this symbol is both a blessing and sign of protection in more ways than you think. The seed of life allows us to better understand all elements here on Earth and all chakras as well. It shows us that you are very growth oriented and willing to help others along as you have been blessed yourself.

Flower of Life

If you were drawn to this one you are a well rounded person. The flower of life is mostly created by overlapping circles but holds so much meaning. It is a representation of harmony and values. This represents meaning for us all and tells us your soul is one that has been here many times over.

Torus Yantra

If you were drawn to this one you are very kind and giving. Everything you do comes from the heart. This shape is a symbol of the human aura and can be found in several variations. It shows the energies of our being looped around our bodies when placed properly.

Vesica Piscis

If you were drawn to this one you were drawn to one of the most profound geometric shapes. While it has many meanings it is a source of great power. Many people see it as a sign that they are picking up on something their sub-conscious wants them to. While that can mean a lot of different things, many figure it out quite quickly. It tells us that you are more in tune with your soul than you may have thought.