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When it comes to figuring out what to do, sometimes our subconscious is much more aware of the moved we need to make than our conscious mind could ever be. While it might seem a bit weird, the things we are drawn to can pave the paths we choose in life.

Below you will find an image of several different kinds of lotus’ take a moment to really look at each one and figure out which one you are drawn to the most. Which one catches your eye the most? Does one stand out to you more than the rest and if so to figure out what it might hold for you take a look below.

Lotus 1

If this lotus stands out the most to you then the situation before you is much harder than you thought it would be. Remaining as calm as you can is important right now. While blowing up and really letting your true emotions show might seem like the right thing to do, now is not the time. The longer you hold off the better.

Remember that sometimes letting go of what is bothering you is better than giving power to those causing your pain. As hard as it may seem, you are strong and can handle anything. Do not forget to stop and breathe.

Lotus 2

Chances are if this lotus really calls to you, you need to make sure that you’re thinking things through. Acting without thought will get you in serious trouble during the weeks to come. There will be people trying to come out of the woodworks to bring you down and focusing on yourself will get you much further than trying to make everyone else happy.

Spend some time thinking about your financial situation and work to improve the areas needed. You might really be feeling out of place right now but figuring things out and finding stability will help dramatically. While you might not think you’re doing that great, you’re doing much better than the people closest to you.

Lotus 3

Sure, your heart is hurting from something you cannot do anything about but this lotus is meant as a reminder that is no reason to turn yourself into a victim. Spend the time you have working through the problems before you and really step out of your shell. You will heal in time, everything that has been happening in your life right now is not going to last forever.

Eventually, you will be able to look back on these next few weeks and realize that you’re one of the best fighters around. Cutting toxic people out of your life will benefit you greatly. Stop letting people who don’t care about you take advantage of your kindness.

Lotus 4

Your life has been a wreck lately and if this lotus stood out to you, you are well aware of it. You feel irritated and unable to move forward. Do not hide away, there is no reason to fear the thoughts of others.

When you feel the way you do, you need to do the opposite of what you would normally do. Instead of giving into the sadness you should be trying to make new memories and build more prominent connections. Spend time with the people who care the most about you and see where things go.

Lotus 5

Your life is currently going pretty well and while you might not like where you are, you’re still moving forward properly. As the days go by you should be thankful for the people around you. The more time you spend with the people you care about the better.

Perhaps slowing down and giving yourself a moment to really relax could help ease your mind. You’ve been more overworked than usual lately and it shows. There is nothing wrong with taking a break when you feel like you need one.

Lotus 6

Your emotional scars run deeper than you are willing to acknowledge and you need to overcome this. The issues going on in your mind are weighing down in your life and you need to work through them. Maybe seeking guidance from a new source would benefit you.

Right now you don’t feel like yourself and working to get back to your roots will bring forth huge changes. Stop being so afraid, step into the unknown and give yourself the chance to thrive. The things you’re facing right now will not be able to tear you down unless you let them.