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With there already being four planetary bodies in retrograde, the upcoming Chiron retrograde will only amp up the energies surrounding us. With that being said, this retrograde will be in Aries, making it all the more fun.

Known as the wounded healer, Chiron gives us time to work through lessons and its energy paired with Aries is literally out of this world. Aries, known as the ambitious sign is often associated with manifestation energies and during the time, we will be given ample opportunity to harness the energy and use it for the evolution of our lives.

As it begins on July 8th, this Chiron will begin to make a seemingly backward movement through space, and during the time if you don’t learn at least one major lesson, you are doing something wrong. Thankfully, this retrograde will not end until December 12th, making for quite a long period of time in which we will be granted amazing opportunities.

And while it will be easy to get settled into this energy, as it will be upon us for a while, it’s best to pay attention to when Chiron finds it’s way back direct, or in normal orbit, as this time will show us the lessons we have learned and helped us push through even harder during the next. Pay close attention to yourself, and dive inward. What queues does the Earth give you when you are needing to change direction? What signals is your body telling you? Learn to understand the things your body and the Earth is teaching you, along with the planetary bodies.

It’s also helpful to speak with someone who is a spiritual healer or consult a tarot deck. These little things can help us hone in on the correct focus and truly benefit from the retrograde. So what are you waiting for?