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While there are several cosmic events taking place on 12/12 of this year aside from the full moon, the most important one will be Chiron going direct. Chiron for those who do not know is an asteroid that many believe holds great power.

It is known as the ‘wounded healer’ and is something that can work wonders in the lives of each of us as the year 2019 comes to an end. On the day of December 12th, we will all be feeling the effects Chiron has to offer and some of us are going to be paying attention to new areas of our lives that we otherwise would be ignoring. For instance, if you do not often consider your health, this whole ordeal could push you to do exactly that.

In regards to Chiron going direct Astrobutterfly wrote as follows on their website:

Chiron stations direct on December 12th at 1° Aries. As with any slow-moving ‘planet’, changes in direction are more important than the retrogrades per se, and even more important than mosts transits.

So when Chiron goes stationary retrograde (once a year) and stationary direct (also just once a year, i.e. now) we feel its energy more strongly than when Mercury, Venus or Mars are square Chiron, for example.

So if you’re Chiron-sensitive (and if you’re into astrology, you probably are) Chiron stationary direct will reveal something very personal and vulnerable about yourself. Something you don’t feel easy about. But something that if you choose to explore and embrace will eventually heal you. 

The fact that this is occuring on 12/12 is very important and provides us with more energies. If you know anything about numerology I am sure you already know why but just in case you do not, 12/12 is a powerful number that when present helps us with independence and our desire for connections as a whole. The more present these energies are in our lives the more willing we are to make changes and really work to benefit ourselves and those around us.

During this time we will all be learning lessons and working through different obstacles in our lives. Because Chiron in Aries wants us to really align more properly with our truest forms, it pushes us to take charge and come to terms with things that are holding us back. The more we embrace this the more progress we can make while its influence is present.

Chiron going direct is a great thing for all of us and will benefit us on a level that charges our souls immensely. You should not be too worried about this whole event and instead should take it in as openly as possible. During this time you are going to finally find the motivation that has been escaping you for so long.

What do you think about all of this? Is this a celestial event you’ve ever taken the time to really think about or is it all new to you? I for one have not been paying as much attention to Chiron as I should have and will be changing that in the future.

(Image Via: Pixabay)