As we move through March a lot is happening both here on Earth and in the celestial world all around us. Coming up on the 24th there will be a new moon and this new moon could bring some interesting energies our way. 

This new moon will be in Aries and is going to be full of a lot of challenges for us all. The energies it offers are nowhere near as positive as we would like for them to be and the pain associated might not be easy to bear. This period we are facing is going to be one full of fear which is something no one wants to have to experience. 

This quite reasonable though considering the events we’re facing right now with the virus outbreak. That being said, all new moons are representations of new beginnings, so there is light within all of this darkness. We should not let the surrounding negativity leave hopeless, there is always hope. 

Regarding the coming new moon Astrology King wrote as follows:

The March 24 new moon at 04°12′ Aries makes just one major planetary aspect. But with an orb of over 4 degrees, the new moon sextile Saturn is only a mild influence but it is a positive one.

A stronger influence comes from Chiron, Lilith, and the lunar nodes. These three are not used in traditional astrology but the lunar nodes are important in Vedic, or Indian astrology. They are associated with family, past lives and karma. Chiron is being used more and more by modern astrologers and is associated with deep karmic wounds but also healing and magic. Lilith (Black Moon Lilith) is the Dark Goddess archetype and like a feminine version of Chiron.

Another important influence on the new moon March 2020 astrology is a fixed star called Deneb Kaitos. This star acts like Saturn on a bad day, causing misfortune, inhibition, and restraint. There is also an asteroid on the new moon degree which reinforces the karmic wounding theme.

This whole ordeal is going to be charged in many ways and even Saturn is going to be giving us some energies. We will through the new moon being sextile Saturn able to give more patience to those around us which is crucial. Things are getting serious and with that, we need to own up to our own responsibilities and take action in some big ways. I know, all of this might be a bit overwhelming but it’s important to be aware of moving forth.

Through all of this wounding, we will be able to heal and that is something we should keep in mind. The more aware we are of the energetic challenges before us the better we can ground ourselves to protect as best we can from them. Sure, we cannot avoid them, but we can lessen the blow a bit. 

Astrology King also touched on lunar nodes’ karma writing as follows:

New moon square the Nodes of the Moons represents a karmic crossroads. Feeling torn between your past and your future, you may feel confused about your future and hesitant to go forward.

A tendency to become stuck in negative emotional patterns may lead to relationship tension, periods of self-imposed isolation and worry about the future. You may also experience anxiety, guilt, and fear as you confront deeply buried memories, and your own bad habits and prejudices.

Leaving your past behind means you may have to make sacrifices and let something go, and that may well cause some pain. But a new moon means it is time for a new start. Difficult choices about family, friends and other things you are emotionally attached to have to be made.

Relationships, beliefs, and behaviors that are good for you will remain. It is only those things that are holding you back from fulling your destiny that you need to let go of. Some people will resist your efforts while others will be more supportive. It will become obvious who is trying to hold you back.

Although you may seek advice, you really have to look inside to know which way to turn. So follow your intuition while remaining responsive to other people. During this four-week moon phase, you will learn many truths that propel you forward on a new path. New karmic relationships may form and these people will also help you find the right path for your soul.

For more information on how this new moon might affect you please check out the video below. While things are going to be chaotic, you can get through them. Look out for others and be as kind as possible during these trying times.

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