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While it might not seem like a big deal to everyone, the unknown is something that many of us spend a lot of time obsessing over. Because of the things going on in the celestial work right now, as we move into the coming week several zodiac signs are going to be feeling all kinds of mixed up.

This week is going to be intense and confusing for the following zodiac signs. Because of their traits and the energies surrounding us all, they will be folding under the pressure that the changes before us are bearing down on them. That being said, in the end, they will make it out having allowed themselves to finally and truly let go. If your sign happens to be on this list please do not be alarmed, remember that everything we go through in this life is important and that the bigger picture is going to be visible for you at some point.


This week for you is not going to be one that comes with any kind of set results. Chances are you’re going to be finding yourself interested in a lot of things you normally wouldn’t think twice about. As the days pass you will become more aware of your financial situation and because of that quite stressed.

Sure, there are things you will be able to change but at the end of the day, you need to work to accept yourself in the ways you’ve been refusing to. This week is going to be all about revealing to you the parts of your life that are somewhat unimportant. Focus on the things that truly matter.


As a Taurus, you’re always trying your best to keep your own self in check. This week is going to be horrible for you in a number of ways but the one thing that is going to hit you the hardest is your desire to truly let loose. While some might see it as a good thing, you’re about to really waste in an area you might not need to.

The energies before you are going to be very hard for you to deal with, and they are going to leave you feeling quite drained. As the days pass you will find yourself hoping this week comes to an end much sooner than it actually will.


This week is going to offer you a lot of financial change and perhaps force you to focus more on your home life. During this time you are going to be feeling quite out of your mind. While you’re used to going above and beyond right now that won’t be possible. Perhaps you should just give yourself a break.


You are far too optimistic for your own good and I think that you are beginning to see that. This week is going to drag you through the gutter and leave you wondering what else could go wrong. During this time you should do your best to keep your eyes on the future and not get swept up in the past.


Change is inevitable but that doesn’t make it easier for you to accept. This week is going to bring forth a lot more development and growth than you might think you are capable of handling. The people around you are going to seem very closed off and unwilling to listen to the things you have to say, just be patient!