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Buenaventura a city in Columbia is extremely dangerous and full of crime. Because of this, one Catholic Bishop seeks to do something that most would never think of and chances are it will blow your mind.

Bishop Ruben Dario Jaramillo Montoya of Buenaventura is hoping to drop holy water from a helicopter and performing blessings on his city from up in the sky. This following the brutal murder of a mere 10-year-old girl within the same city. While things are set to occur this weekend (should be currently in progress 7/13/2019) no updates have been made in regards.

Bishop Jaramillo told ACI Prensa/CNA as follows on the situation:

“We have to drive the devil out of Buenaventura, to see if we can restore the peace and tranquility that our city has lost due to so many crimes, acts of corruption and with so much evil and drug trafficking that invades our port.”

“We want to go around the whole of Buenaventura, from the air, and pour holy water on to it to see if we exercise and get out all those demons that are destroying our port so that God’s blessing comes and gets rid of all the wickedness that is in our streets.”

“We are going to form a line of vehicles with a firetruck and a statue of Saint Bonaventure. We’re going to all locations, to the most difficult neighborhoods where people have been killed in recent years.”

“We’re going to pray for the victims and to then do a blessing. Where blood flowed, where blood was shed, we are now going to pour holy water as a sign of reparation at the place where those who died were struck down by violence.”

“We’ve had 54 violent deaths so far this year, but there are a lot of people who have disappeared. And people don’t report it. The problem is there is still not a culture of reporting because there is fear, we have a society that is afraid to report.”

While many are referring to this as a ‘mass exorcism’ but the Bishop doesn’t necessarily refer to this as such. That being said, he does hope this will help kick back or get rid of the wickedness that is in their streets. This interesting and determined Bishop was ordained by Pope Francis back in 2017 and has been working hard for his city ever since.

What do you think about this Bishop’s efforts? Do you think this will do any good or are his efforts for nothing? To learn more about this topic please feel free to check out the video below. This is something many people are conflicted on but regardless it will most likely do some good for the minds of those present in the country itself. Being an area in which most are highly religious it will at least be able to leave some feeling a little more at peace.