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All too often we forget what it’s like to enjoy our own presence. I know, sometimes we might not feel content, and we may beat ourselves down but at the end of the day, if you’re unable to be alone with yourself there is an issue present.

We all go through different things in life, and we all face ups and downs. Sure, sometimes we may make mistakes and in many cases forgiving ourselves for those mistakes can be hard but it is possible. You do not have to beat yourself up. Don’t think of being alone as if it’s the end of the world. Sometimes being alone is exactly what we need.

When you’re all alone driving with your music going, you’re not just getting to your destination, you’re feeding your soul. You’re allowing yourself to be comfortable with who you are and embracing what makes you who you are. You are allowing your being to feed into itself and that is a beautiful thing.

You don’t have to be surrounded by others to be happy, sometimes you can be at your happiest all on your own. You’re not the only one who goes through periods of feeling lost, we all do. We are all so very much connected and together even when we cannot see it and understanding that is a key to so much more.

If you feel like you need to take time for yourself and just do nothing, do exactly that. There is nothing wrong with canceling plans and allowing yourself to breathe. You don’t have to be working towards putting yourself to good use every second of every day. Stop and smell the roses from time to time. We are only human after all.

Stop worrying so much about being in control and just be more in the moment, that will give you exactly what it is you were searching for all along. There is nothing wrong with putting your phone on silent and going for a walk, those walks allow you to find yourself in more ways than most people will ever be able to achieve. Focus on the things you love and stop giving power to the things that do nothing but bring you down in the long-run.

The more open and willing to face things you are through letting yourself be the happier you will become. Stop rushing through each day as if tomorrow will be the same and change the moment before you while you still can. Life is short and you shouldn’t waste your days wondering how to be happy. Finding happiness is much easier than you realize.

Give yourself the small moments and embrace change as it comes. Take a ride, take a walk, sit by the water, or just have a longer shower than usual. Care for yourself above all else because if you never do, no one else will either.