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During these rough times, a lot of people have taken to the internet and well, the internet whether you want to admit it or not is full of things to do. Brainteasers have for a few weeks now been my best friend and are helping me to pass the time. 

However, there is one specific brainteaser I keep seeing over and over again. This being one that is supposed to help with your ‘lateral thinking.’ Now, for those who do not know ‘lateral thinking’ is a person’s means of solving a problem by an indirect or creative approach. That meaning you have to look at things in a different way than everyone else to find the answer. 

While it took me a good few minutes to figure this one out on my own, my partner struggled for quite sometime before being able to find the answer. Basically, for this brainteaser, you’re shown an image of lots of numbers. These numbers are all different colors and not in any specific order as you will see below. As the image says, you are supposed to find the number 250 in this but it’s not as simple as you’d want it to be and you might need to narrow things down before being able to find it. 

If you’re still struggling to find the answer then chances are you’re not looking in the right place. Isolate the number 2 and look around each one, that helped me to find it relatively quick. Have you found it yet? Looking at these numbers from a diagonal perspective might be more than enough to set you off on the right track, by the way.

If you haven’t found it yet the answer will be below. As you can see, it was quite present and not as out of sight as most would expect. Were you able to find it on your own?

If you liked this brainteaser take a peek at the video below for some more. While they’re not all the same kind as this one they will help you kill some time. Can you complete them all? If you haven’t been already perhaps spending some time working on training your brain might benefit you overall.