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If you’re stuck at home and bored perhaps a more immersive game of ‘I spy’ might be worth your time. While a lot of us are running out of things to do during this period of self-isolation there are still fun things that can be done.

I recently came across a photo online that actually came from the website Popcorn Garage. Where this image was shared basically encouraged those who saw it to look closely and see if they could figure out what 66 movies were ‘present’ in the image. As you can see below, it seems to be a cluttered garage holding familiar faces and even a car no one could forget. 

Take a moment to see just how many movie titles you’re reminded of by the things in this image. Could you ever possibly name all 66? While I’ve been trying hard I’ve struggled to get more than 25 for hours now. Now, if you think you can do really well you can even go to Popcorn Garage’s website by clicking here to play an interactive version. 

I know, it sounds easy but it’s not. The longer you stare the more blanks you will draw. After those first 25, I’ve been fighting the urge to Google the answers.

While the interactive version is a lot more fun than trying to spot things on the mere image, it is a bit more complicated because if you get three wrong you have to start all over. I suggest looking at the image and seeing what all you can find before beginning the actual game itself. Some of these movies are classics you’ll never forget and others are obscure mementos you might never link back to the movies they’re associated with.

Some of these film references are hard to spot and will really catch you off guard. How many were you able to find? Did you manage to come up with all 66?

I know times are hard right now and there is a lot going on in the world but in time things will get back to normal. Make the most of the moments you have right now and make sure the people around you know that they matter to you. Sure, you might get bored here and there but with the internet at our fingertips, we’re capable of keeping ourselves entertained in much better ways than the people of the past were.

(Image Credit: Popcorn Garage)