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A lot of people don’t realize how important the smallest things are. When it comes to candle gazing, if you want to know what you might be hiding within you need to read the flame properly.

Basically, through candle gazing, you can take its behavior and find signs and omens that you’ve been ignoring in other ways. You should note how the flame moves, how the candle deconstructs, and all other aspects of the candle itself. Through doing this you get to better know yourself and are able to open your third eye even if just for a moment depending on how adamant you are in your efforts.

All you need to do when it comes to candle watching is clear the room, close the windows, make sure there is nothing from the outside world influencing the flame for the most part and then sit in the dark with nothing but your candlelight before you. Gaze into this light and watch the candle itself. Really take it all in and do your best to pick up on all the smallest things. To learn what the things you see in your candle might reveal to you take a peek at the list below.

Through this, you can do spell work or simply meditate over your own energies. Personally meditating while candle gazing seems to work best for me as it seems to be the best means of calming down and letting go. Regardless of what you’re doing the more attention you pay to your candles the better.

Things You May Notice When Candle Gazing:

1. Fallout Wax

This is what we call the candle when it burns lopsided. Half of the candle is intact while the other half is melted and falling over. This shows us that you need to work harder to get what you want. You are not as grounded as you need to be.

2. Clean Burn

This is what happens when your candle is burning clean, without leaving soot behind. This is a reminder that everything in your life is going well. You are working towards something that will be paying off if you see a clean burn don’t allow yourself to keep stressing. This should be a good reassurance for you.

3. High Flame

If the flame is high this is a sign that you are quite powerful right now. You are in a good place in your life and things are going well. The universe is working in your favor.

4. Swirled Wax

If the wax is swirled when it is finally cooled or is in the midst of cooling this could mean that healing is needed. You are dealing with some strong emotions and progress will not be possible for a while. You need to be careful and proceed with caution.

5. Drowning Flame

This is something that happens when the flame burns more wax than it can handle and is going out for that reason. This meaning that the flame is fleeting the whole time. If you see this it is a sign that you need to find balance, something in your life is not working properly.

6. Flickering Flame

When the flame is flickering it is a sign that there are spirits before you. This is a sign that contact is being made in some form. While it might not be as comforting as you might think it is, it happens more often than you’d assume.

7. Slow Burn

A slow burning candle might indicate there are opposing forces facing one another. During this time you need to really reflect and work on figuring things out. Common ground needs to be found.

8. White or Gray Soot

This kind of soot could indicate that you are working to remove something negative from before you. You are getting help from the universe whether you see it or not. Use this as a reminder that the universe will always be there for you.

9. Few Wax Drips

When there are not very many wax drips it is a sign that you are at peak power. Your energy is as it should be, and you are doing what you need to be doing. Many see this as a sign that whatever candle work was being done is coming to completion.

10. Black Soot or Smoke

While you won’t see this too often it does happen. This shows that there is some kind of blockage in your life and that forces are trying to work against you. This should be a sign that you need to do something to resolve the negativity before you.

11. Popping/Crackling Flame

If your flame is making noise then it is a sign that you are working with the element of fire on a deep level. You need to listen a bit more closely to hear the message before you. Perhaps something special is headed your way.

12. Flame Won’t Go Out When You Blow It

When you blow your candle out or try to it won’t go out. This could happen several times or just one but still means the same thing. It is a sign that the spirits around you do not want you to extinguish the flame. Something crucial is happening, and you need to figure out how to see it from a different perspective.

13. Flame Dying Often

If you just cannot seem to keep the flame lit then you are facing some unfinished business. You need to go back and see where something went wrong before you move forward. This doesn’t happen for no reason, read more into things.

14. Dancing Flame

If your flame is dancing this is a sign of chaotic energy. A lot of potential is before you but there could also be lots of complications; proceed with caution.

15. Candle Crater

If your candle burns to make a crater within this means you are not very strong right now. You are facing something that is really bringing your energies down. You need to work on yourself for a little while.

16. Blue Flame

If you have a blue flame when burning a candle you are in the presence of some kind of positive figure. While you might not be able to see or sense this figure it is there. You should in this try to draw energy from that. The spiritual presence before you is a very positive one.