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This seemingly new online puzzle has many while stuck at home getting into the Easter mood. Instead of going out and hunting for eggs yourself, why not find the adorable pug amidst the eggs?

This puzzle was created by the insurance company CIA Landlords and basically it consists of lots and lots of vibrant colorful eggs but one of these is not an egg at all. Hidden in this mess is a cute little pug but he’s not as easy as you might think he would be to find. While you might think it would be a quick find, he’s apparently quite the tough pup to spot. 

(Image Credit: CIA Landlords)

Have you found him yet? He’s not near the top if that helps and he’s not pink so don’t bother looking over all of those eggs. 

If you haven’t found him yet here’s another hint, he’s egg shaped. Yes, he is an eggshaped pug. While he might blend in with the other eggs well once you see his tiny face, you will know you’ve spotted him. 

Now, if you’re still unable to find him or just want verification that you’ve found him take a peek below for the answer. He is circled in red and quite present in his orangey-brown color sitting beside three teal colored plain eggs. How long did it take you to spot him or did you struggle to find him at all? 

(Image Credit: CIA Landlords)

Right now while we’re stuck at home puzzles like this are a great way to kill time. To see more puzzles like this one check out the video below. I know, this might be a bit frustrating but it is a lot of fun, isn’t it?