While it might be an easy puzzle this one is hard to get right quickly. Most people cannot figure it out within about ten seconds which for those who can find it right off the bat is quite confusing.

The more aware you are of these small differences the more trained your brain is. While this might look like a bunch of Os over and over again, some of them are not like the others. Somewhere in all of this, there are Qs hiding ‘in plain sight.’ If you’re able to find the exact number of Qs present on this within about ten seconds, your brain is quicker than most other people’s. When I showed this to the people in my household, it became quite apparent that most needed at least a good fifteen or even twenty seconds to really spot what they were looking for.

Puzzles like this can prove to be more of a challenge than I think most people are willing to admit. Once you finally spot the things you’re looking for chances are you’ll feel a bit dumb for having to look for as long as you did but the good thing is that you found what you were looking for even if it took a little while. As you do this kind of thing more and more, you’ll get better at it.

In time, you may not even need ten whole seconds to find something like this. You may be able to spot differences as if they were as clear as the blue sky during the day. I know, that might sound crazy but it’s true.

Now, if you’re ready to figure out just how many Qs there are on this one take a look below. However, before you do that clear your mind. Have someone else time you if you’re wondering how long it takes you to get things right.

How Many Qs Are In This Puzzle?

(Image Credit: Epoch Times)

Well, did you guess correctly? Sure, there are a good many Qs but exactly how many are there? If you guessed any less than nine or any more than nine you’re wrong. The correct answer is merely nine. While the illusion these letters together seem to create makes it look like there are many more Qs, there are not.

If you liked this puzzle take a look at the videos below. There are tons of others that could be deemed similar you could give a go. The ones in these videos are some that I loved playing through. Actually, the one in the first video might take you longer than ten seconds as well, what do you think?


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