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As always brain teasers and puzzles, in general, are quite fun. However, this one has some of us stumped.

Most people tend to think simple find the object images are the easiest, but they’re not always that easy. In this one, all you need to do is find the snowman hidden amongst these snowflakes, but he’s not as prominent as you might think he would be. This puzzle comes from the great Gergely Dudas – Dudolf and well is easily one that will get you in the holiday spirits.

I know, it might seem more confusing than you’d want it to be but finding the snowman is actually a lot of fun. While it might take you a while, you’ll be kicking yourself in the rear once you realize where he is. Have you found the snowman yet?

(Credit: Gergely Dudas – Dudolf)

Are you done yet? I know, it might seem simple but this snowman is a lot harder to spot than you feel he should be. He’s not on the right side of the page if that helps. He’s near the second green area just under a large snowflake. Do you see him now?

If you’re having trouble finding him look at the solution below. See, he is right there under your nose. How long did it take you to find him?

(Credit: Gergely Dudas – Dudolf)

To see more puzzles like this one click here. Dudolf does these all the time and is incredible at them. While some are easier than others, overall his work is marvelous. He honestly always keeps me entertained, I find myself doing his puzzles from time to time when I am bored.

Not only do these kinds of things help our brain, but they also keep us busy. The more you do these kinds of puzzles the better you will become at them. I for one was pretty slow with them until recently, now it doesn’t take nearly as long to find the things I’m looking for.