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We all would like to think we’re pretty good at finding small differences and things of that nature, but the truth is some differences are hard to spot. That being said, the more we work to spot things, the easier picking up on them in other situations will become.

Below you will find several images and within those images are hidden things. How many can you spot, and were you able to find them without looking under each image for the answer? I, for one, struggled with a few of them, but I feel like I am much better at spotting things as a result of waiting it out and trying my hardest.

This kind of skill takes time to grow and if you work at it, you will get better. Tiny details overtime will become easier and easier to spot. Sure, minor changes might be hard to find at first, but the more you work at this, the quicker you will get at figuring things out.

Find the snake among the bananas.

This one is somewhat in the middle, towards the bottom left. Isn’t that little yellow snake adorable? Who doesn’t love bananas and snakes?

Find the pacifier in all of this mess.


This one is to the left of the bunny rabbit. Yes, the one by the snake. It’s near the left bottom corner.

Find the heart within these flowers.

While this heart is small, it is quite present. It’s near the middle and pink. See it now?

Find the bear hiding with these monkeys.

See the monkey that is eating a banana? Look to the left and up a little way, see the bear now? He’s actually quite clear in the image, isn’t he?

Find the butterfly among all of these birds.

This isn’t a huge butterfly, but it is noticeable. It’s somewhat in-between the beaks of two birds. One beak is orange while the other is black. Oh and, it’s near the top, see it now?

Find the wolf parading around as a sheep.

This one, you should see quickly. It’s on the right side of the image and quite clear. Do you see it?

How many did you find? I know, some of them were easier than the rest, weren’t they? I think the butterfly one was the hardest.