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Oleg Shuplyak is a Ukrainian artist who has been called the master of faces and for good reason. The vast majority of his art has the feel of an optical illusion, with many different treasures to be found within the vast portraits he creates.

The coolest aspect of it to me is that there are usually a variety of smaller images within a bigger image, which is most typically a face. Basically, he creates faces with landscapes and people. For example in the one below, do you see the bigger face?

This one took me a minute. At first glance, it looks like a priest or something along those lines holding onto a man. He appears to be comforting him but looks deeper. If you peer deeper, you will see that the ring on the man’s finger creates the eye of another face. And the nose is the wrinkles in his shirt. There is even an ear made up of the podium to the man’s left.

What about this one? This one reminds me a lot of John Lennon. It’s very unique! For me, the smaller people are harder to see in this one than the bigger face. What do you think?

And then, if you love art, then you are going to realize where this one came from. At first glance, you will see Vincent Van Gogh. The colors are so spot on. When you peer deeper, you see a tinier Vang Gogh, some houses, and pretty trees.

This last one is pretty cool too. Does he almost appear to be Salvador Dali (to me) what do you think? When you look further though, you can see a girl studying a book. Her arms make up the eyes, her hair is the eyebrows and the couch she is sitting on makes up the ears and face.

Oleg is a wonderfully talented artist known for hidden images. What all did you see in the images above?